If you’re interested in learning how to configure and manage Office 365 as well as acquiring the associate-level credential in Teamwork Administration, then you have come to the right spot.

In this article, we will share the facts you need to know about the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate badge and the ways you can obtain it with the help of one of its associated exams, the Microsoft MS-300. In addition to this, we will look into other important reasons for taking this assessment. So, if you are curious, let’s move on!

MS-300 Test Important Details

We remind you that candidates for this exam are those intending to earn the associate-level badge in Microsoft 365 for Teamwork Administrator. This certification will equip you with the relevant skills in operating Office 365 and can be obtained only after passing two compulsory exams, MS-300 and MS-301, by code.

Let’s now lay emphasis on the MS-300 test in particular. The first thing to mention about this test is that it targets teamwork administrators involved in managing apps, services as well as supporting architectures with the aim of meeting business requirements. And the purpose of the exam is to evaluate your knowledge of deploying, managing, migrating, and securing SharePoint (on-premises, online, and hybrid), Teams, and OneDrive.

Read the next paragraph to learn more about the peculiarities of the real 70-764 – 70-741 – 70-742 – AZ-900 – 70-483 – 70-740 – AZ-301 300-075 AZ-103 Six Sigma CCNA, CCNP VCE Certification.

MS-300 Assessment Procedure

Those preparing to take the exam must be aware of the following details on the exam structure and cost. The amount of questions you will have face in the real exam equals 40 to 60 with 150 minutes to complete all of them. What’s more, the questions will be of various types and may include the best answer, build a list, multiple-choice, active screen, drag-and-drop, review screen, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank. If you want to be considered for the assessment, then you first have to pay an entry fee of $165, which cannot be refunded in case you don’t turn up for the exam.

Now let’s dwell on the reasons why you should pull up your socks and do the test.

Why Pass Exam MS-300?

To become a fully-fledged IT professional, expert skills in the area you’re specializing in are a must. Furthermore, you’ll need something that effectively validates your skills. This implies that gaining a certification will put you one step ahead in your profession. And this begins with passing relevant exams that count toward the credential.

So, then why should you pass theMS-300 exam? Here’s why:

You Develop More Discipline

Just like other IT exams, the MS-300 takes determination to prepare and pass. You’ll be studying not just for days, but for weeks or even months. Having to prepare in advance helps you develop discipline in your life. You need to learn to create a schedule for study and actually stick with it. Every success story is always connected with discipline. So, if you need to be successful in your IT administration career, discipline is a trait worth developing. Once you have it, moving to the top of your career will become real.

You Come Out as a Focused Professional

There’s no single achievement that comes without focus. Preparing for MS-300 and actually taking and passing it demonstrates the kind of focus you have. As a candidate preparing for the exam, you’ll have to focus on what you want to achieve. And besides passing the exam, you’ll also be helpful at your workplace since you’ll always ensure you successfully complete the tasks allocated to you.

You Earn a Popular Certification

Exam MS-300 is a role-based test that enables candidates to develop skills for the IT role they wish to play. And with the associate-level certification, you gain in Microsoft 365 for Teamwork Administrator, you’re going to become a favorite to your employer. This badge in itself is proof of the relevant skills you have.

Enhanced Opportunities for Jobs and Average Income

Hundreds of thousands of professionals graduate with degrees in IT. And the only way to differentiate yourself from them is to gain unique qualifications. Getting the Microsoft 365 Certification of the associate level for Teamwork Administrator is the only way to do so. And once you stand out from others, the chances of getting the job you’ve always desired will increase. Job roles related to this badge include team administrator and systems administrator with the annual salaries of $65k and $82k, respectively, according to the data on the

However, to observe and enjoy all of these benefits in your life, you must master your technical skills and do well in the forthcoming MS-300. But how to do this? Well, get down to investigating the next passage.

Importance of Practice Tests during MS-300 Exam Preparation

Practice tests should be among the first study resources you choose from for your exam. And when it comes to practice tests, you need a reliable website for them. This is where the becomes your credible partner. When you choose it, you’ll be learning and revising for your assessment using various exam resources. The first one is the Premium Bundle, which costs $49.99 and has the expert-verified MS-300 practice test with questions and answers, video lectures, and a study guide with 920 pages. The second option is free trial practice tests, consisting of questions and answers shared by the people who recently dealt with the test.

To know more, all of these files are in the VCE format. For both free and paid practice tests, you’ll need the VCE Player to help you answer the questions. The VCE Player is a software that enables you to create your own questions and also ensures your practice for the assessment in the real exam environment.

Now that you are aware of the importance of practice tests let’s recall what we have covered in this article.


In a nutshell, working as a team or systems administrator demands the best and the most relevant skills. To be shortlisted for these positions and enjoy all the pros, it can bring you first need to attain the prestigious associate-level Microsoft 365 Credential for Teamwork Administrator through its two related exams, one of which is MS-300 being described in this post.

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