The gaming world is old and far-reaching, with titles that have left an indelible print on the minds of players. A lot goes into creating a memorable game: a gripping plot, engaging gameplay, exciting features, and of course, great characters.

Each character of a game adds to the overall essence of the gameplay. Some characters originated in the earliest days of the gaming world in the 1980s, but they continue to be the fraternity’s favorite even today.

Quick list of classic characters you should check out

Video games and online casino have taken gaming enthusiasts across the globe by storm with a range of innovations. These games prove super convenient and flexible for gamers to indulge in, thanks to their wide accessibility and reliable tech backing.

However, there’s an age-old saying that old is gold. Some characters from classic games are evergreen as they were created to remain fresh in the memory of gamers. Here goes the list of these characters:

1. Dirk The Daring

Dirk debuted in Dragon’s Liar in 1983 on laserdisc and arcade. Whether you felt it or not, a dose of this character was simply astonishing and amazing. He was a brave and agile knight, but he did find himself gripped by fear at times. Don Bluth, an ex-Disney animator, brought great beauty into the graphics of the game, making the sword-swinging Dirk young gamers’ favorite character.

2. Ryu Hayabusa

First appeared in Ninja Gaiden in 1998, Ryu Hayabusa is the ninja that’s still breathing and thriving in people’s memory. It’s the swordman anyone would want to team up with. He’s psychotic and maniac, often seen slashing, hacking, leaping, and spinning all over his enemies. With fists bearing claw-like appendages, he can surely hop on a killing spree—a little like Wolverine. He’s close to a blood-hungry knight who can ravage his enemies with grace.

3. Mr. X

Mr. X from Resident Evil 2, the survivor horror video game released in 1998, certainly deserves a spot on this list. He’s also known as Trenchcoat, Tyrant T-103, or just Trechy. His bald and behemoth look took the gaming world by storm. Designer Capcom offered a new type of opponent, deviating from the usual. Throughout the game, you navigate through rooms full of zombie dogs, lickers, and mutants. But it was Mr. X’s reappearance that kept gamers always on edge. His main weapon was his unpredictable nature. He has a good degree of forbidding traits that also make him a beloved character.

4. The Horned Reaper

In 1997’s Dungeon Keeper, the horned Reaper, known as Horny, debuted in two versions. The original game showed him as a mere badass unit the player would call upon by sacrificing a mistress, a bile demon, and a troll. However, in the sequel, Horny needs a lot of magical powers to stay invincible throughout. His massive scythe, giant horns, and glowing eyes gave him a forbidding avatar. There’s nothing that can stop him from destroying the enemies, making him one of the most remembered classic game characters.

5. Dr. Fred Eddison

Dr. Fred Eddison first appeared in Maniac Mansion in 1987, but he became a character worth remembering in its sequel, called Day of the Tentacle. The game had independent and playable characters such as the quirky Laverne, the wicked Purple Tentacle, and the geeky-looking Bernard. But it’s Dr. Fred Eddison who stole many hearts with his madness, to say the least. He’s a grumpy scientist, but a genius one, capable of making anything out of pretty much anything. To ruin everything and to fix everything again is his pleasure, but he’s truly loved for who he is.

6. Sam & Max

Sam & Max Hit the Road, dating back to 1993, left a mark because Nintendo and Sega brought special talking menagerie to gamers. These two characters, a dog and a rabbit, hopped on their own adventures in the game. It’s the amazing voice acting, well-crafted dialogue, and cuteness of the characters that make it a beloved title even today. Also, it’s because it’s a game that truly entertained people who loved to watch rabbits driving cars and dogs wearing hats.


The catalog of games has expanded exponentially in the past many years. You can find single-player games likes Assassin’s Creed and multiplayer games like League of Legends. They are all amazing because they come with super-powerful characters and advanced gameplay features. Despite all the advancements over the years, old-school gamers still love the aforementioned characters for who they are, what they do, and the playing experience they create.