The evolution of watches is more than just an accessory or a way to tell time. Wearing a watch can be a symbol or a fashion statement that evolves every season. It is an expression and individualism that makes you stand out in a crowd of like-minded people.

The watch industry is evolving every year as it has been heavily influenced by modern technological advancements. These influences can be in design, color, or even watch types, however, if you are passionate about watches being on top of these trends are important.

So in this article, we will explore some of the major watch trends that every watch connoisseur should know:


One of the most popular trends in the world is being eco-friendly. Over the past few years, the awareness of the threat to our environment has increased and people around the world have been making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. This trend has also influenced the watch-making industry as the demand for eco-friendly watches has increased.

Many watch brands have taken initiatives to produce and deliver sustainable watches by looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Most luxury brands have always been sustainable and people are choosing to own pre-owned or classy-vintage watches. Every mechanism and movement in these watches contributes to the preservation of the earth we live in.


From Rolex to Timex, vibrant colors are a gradually growing trend that is shaping the next generation of watches. Whether you want blue, green, red, grey, or a full swing of rainbow colors. Watches today have different colored dials, indexes, and even bezels that are attracting many watch collectors.

One of the reasons why color has become a popular factor amongst watch enthusiasts is that it offers eccentric designs and vibrant watch movements. The color also plays an important role in the price factor as it enhances the materials used to make these timepieces.


Classy, retro, and sophisticated-looking watches never seem to go out of style. The reason why these watches are trending is that vintage designs and colors are increasingly becoming popular. Vintage and retro-looking watches always stand out amongst modern watches for their simplicity and minimalist features.

Watchmakers have understood the importance of these watches and found ways to merge modern advancements that can be a perfect fit for your modern attire. Retro watches also make a fashion statement as it reflects the wearer’s heritage, image, and wealth. Since many watch brands offer retro-style watches, you will have a lot of options to choose from.


One of the most popular watches amongst millennials is a smartwatch. These watches are designed to improve your way of living and minimize the efforts of using a smartphone. These watches are equipped with various smart features such as fitness trackers, sleep monitors, heart-rate monitors, calculators, music, notifications, Bluetooth, messaging, and so much more.

These watches have no movement or intrinsic design but come with backlit touch screens that allow you to use various functions daily. If you are looking for a Fitbit watch to add to your collection, see this comparison of the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 on Superwatches today.

Skeleton Dials

There are many watch designs in the market that attract individuals or watch enthusiasts. These people are not just focused on the style and color but also the craftsmanship. Skeleton dials are becoming increasingly popular as you can see the watch’s inner workings as it moves. These timepieces are extremely unique and eye-catching compared to regular traditional watches.

This incredible display of the dial makes them the highlight of the watch due to the contracting and decorative metals. Some enthusiasts are willing to pay big bucks for these kinds of watch designs, however, some brands or companies offer budget-friendly skeleton dial designs. So if you are a watch fanatic, adding a skeletal dial to your collection is a great idea as it is one of the most popular trends.

Watch Straps

Now, this may not directly affect the quality or value of the watch but straps are a trending topic. Sometimes a simple change in your watch strap can enhance the appearance of your watch. Whether you have an old or new watch there are many types of watch straps that you can add to it. Some of them are leather, nylon, jubilee, oyster, canvas, mesh, rubber, and so on.

Watch straps come in various colors, designs, and even prints which can be suitable for different occasions. Just as we spoke in the first point on being eco-friendly, sustainable straps are also available that reduce waste and water in their manufacturing process.

Watch trends are always evolving, staying on top of them will ensure that you never go out of style. If you enjoyed these watch trends, check out these smartwatch guides here.