You can play as skillfully as you can, but if the casino doesn’t support your credit card, how can you bet there? To avoid such situations, read this article.

There are two facts that no one denies. The number of online casinos is large and continues to grow, meeting the needs of players of different levels. The number of guides on how to choose the right casino is also constantly growing. And there is one thing that is still rare in those guides – information about payment systems. And this is quite a serious thing in gambling if you think about it. 

Players and reviewers often focus on the number of games, the availability of bonuses, or round-the-clock support. The online casino debit card withdrawal is taken for granted. However, depending on the service and the country, there are some nuances. In this article, we will see how Japan, casinos, and payment systems are getting along.

Are online casinos legal in Japan?

We can talk at length about the process of the legalization of gambling in Japan. But all players need to know in this country is that they will not have legal consequences if they play online casinos. The main task for them is to choose a service that they trust, and that has a license from the adequate authority.

JCB payment method

When you are looking for a site for your wagering needs, you should first check if it works with the JCB. If the online casino JCB (オンラインカジノ) is compatible, it means it works with the third-largest payment system in the world. Most of it is from Nippon. Here is the best online casino that accepts credit cards:

  • Conquestador
  • CherryCasino
  • Mr. Bet

The JCB has all the necessary set of functions to trust this system. It supports a dozen popular currencies, including CAD, USD, EUR, and JPY. Recurring transactions, refunds, and partial refunds are possible. If you are worried about the security of your payments – 3D security is here too.


The newest payment method – is cryptocurrency. The type of currency itself appeared more than 10 years ago but has only recently become popular. Users like the idea of blockchain, decentralization, and security. It plays well with the idea of safe gambling.

While this is a secure payment method and hackers will not be able to intercept your money, cryptocurrencies have several drawbacks. Unfortunately, not all casinos now support this payment method, only the most modern ones. In the future, this situation will be different, but now you need to check whether your chosen service supports crypto. In addition, the cryptocurrency rate is very volatile and difficult to predict. That is, it is all safe, but use it at your own risk.


If using credit cards for you is the past century, chances are you have an e-wallet. These services are usually in the form of a program for the phone that allows you to combine all your cards or bank accounts. E-wallets allow you to transfer money and shop online. According to the resource PikachuCasinos, it is supported by many online casinos. The best the online casinos in Japan are:

  • Twin
  • Bons
  • Conquestador

Players decide on Astrapay because it’s packed with all the necessary features. Instant transactions without wasting time – no need to wait hours to play your favorite game. End-to-end security will make sure that your data does not get to the thieves. Multi-currency support for your special needs.

Traditional method

Direct bank transfers are still with us and can be used by players in online casinos. If something is old, it does not mean that it is not used – on the contrary, it is trusted and tested. This payment method is supported by many banks and many online casinos. It is possible to make a deposit and withdraw money, everything like with credit cards. One of the few disadvantages of this method is the waiting time and transfer fees. No one is perfect.


If, for some, payment in Japanese online casinos can be a challenge, then definitely not for you. After reading the article, the situation with payment systems became clearer. Many options with their feature are now available to players. The main thing we see is that there are certain levels of security everywhere.

Online casinos delight us not only with a variety of games but also with a variety of payment methods. Credit cards remain the most popular, as they are common in Japan. E-wallets and cryptocurrencies are newer and more convenient options for advanced users. Diversity as it is.

And the last. You can always go to the best credit card online casino sites to find the best casinos. Along with information about the games, they also indicate how you can deposit and withdraw your money.