silver and black chronograph watch

Are you looking for the ideal present to give your loved one for his birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even just as a token of appreciation? Or maybe you wanted to reward yourself with a perfect treat? You won’t need to worry anymore since we will provide you with the best brand of watch, which is ideal as a present or even as a treat for yourself. This watch is none other than Tag Heuer, known for its luxury brand of watches that have been leading for centuries.

Tag Heuer is not just known because of their gorgeous watch creations but also because of their accuracy and dependability. Tag Heuer will always be a signature name in the field of watchmaking. We will provide you with a brief history of its founding and information on some of its watches that you may purchase in this post.

How Did Tag Heuer Start Its Story?

There was Heuer before it became TAG Heuer. Edouard Heuer, who was 20 years old during that time and had already begun his watchmaking apprenticeship. He launched the company in 1860 under the name Heuer. He began producing pocket watches, primarily out of silver. Heuer was founded to be built on two solid pillars: family leadership and technological innovation. That is why it has persisted up to this point.

Then, in 1869, he obtained his first patent for a crown-operated, keyless device. Some of the well-known watchmakers are still employing the oscillating pinion that Heuer designed in 1887 to enable the chronograph to operate with pushbuttons. After Edouard Heuer passed away in 1892, his sons took over the business. In 1895, they were awarded a new patent for developing one of the water-resistant pocket watches, demonstrating how inventive and clever their father was. In 1911, The Time of Trip, a dashboard chronograph designed for use in both cars and airplanes, debuted. The Mikrograph, a precise stopwatch and the first of its type with a precision of 1/100 of a second, is one of their inventions that helped them become internationally renowned.

Tag Heuer continues to be renowned for its accuracy and exquisite designs. Tag Heuer has a distinguished past. Undoubtedly, they became Tag Heuer because they fulfilled their objective and carried on the tradition of their ideal inventions.

Some of Tag Heuer’s Newest Creations

Listed here are some of the newest watches released by Tag Heuer. However, they have a lot of releases for this year. So, feel free to visit to browse for more of their designs.

1. Tag Heuer Autavia Ref. WBE511A.BA0650

This Tag Heuer Autavia’s authentic pilot watch is a classical reinvention touched by modern technology. It attracts a feeling of serenity as it has a blue sunray dial matched with incredible luminescent Super-Luminova indexes and hands that provides you with highly accurate time.

Additionally, it has a COSC-certified Calibre 7 movement with a black and blue ceramic 24-hour bidirectional bezel. It boasts a quick-release button that makes the band easily interchangeable, and the words: Automatic Chronometer are etched on the case back, adding to its beautiful style. There is no need to be concerned about its water resistance because it is up to 100 meters.

2. Tag Heuer Autavia Ref. CBE511B.FC8279

This Tag Heuer chronometer flyback’s design is inspired by old pilot watches and geared for the extraordinary Odyssey. It has high legibility in low light as its silver dial is illuminated with white Super-Luminova on its hands and indexes. It is circled with a genuine black ceramic bezel and a scratch-resistant sapphire steel case that reveals its intricacies and details on the case back. It is made more attractive with a black alligator leather strap with a DLC pin buckle.

You won’t have a hard time changing its strap because of its quick-release button. Also, this watch is powered by Calibre Heuer02 COSC Flyback with an automatic chronograph movement and a power reserve of up to 80 hours. Men would love this watch as they can use it on different occasions.

3. Tag Heuer Connected Modular Ref. SBG8A11.BT6220

Are you looking for a watch with additional features? Given that it has over and beyond features other than just a beautiful look, this Tag Heuer Connected Smart Watch is almost perfect. Although expensive, it is worth the cost. This smartwatch has been meticulously made by hand and is equipped with cutting-edge technology for a unique feature. Push buttons, an original ceramic bezel, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal are all part of its design.

It has Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, and it takes one hour and 30 minutes to charge completely to its full capacity. It has pre-installed Tag Heuer Sports apps like fitness, swimming, Tag Heuer Golf, and Wellness. It can also monitor your heart rate as it is installed with heart rate, compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope functions with Wear OS by Google operating system. With all of these, it makes this smartwatch more than just a watch.

4. Tag Heuer Connected Modular Ref. SBF8A8013.82FT6110

Considered the first authentic Swiss smartwatch by Tag Heuer. It is crafted with a brown leather strap, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and black titanium PVD-coated case. Its genuine ceramic bezel is embossed with the signature “Heuer Connected” and a 60-minute scale. It is also multifunctional as it is equipped with features such as an alarm, timer, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope with tilt detection, microphone, and haptics engine.

Not to worry about its battery life as it has a power reserve of up to 25 hours and has a rechargeable battery-operated quartz movement. Are you worried about leaving marks on your watch? Not anymore because it has a black carbide coating and an anti-fingerprint feature, too. With this watch, you no longer have to open your phone from time to time just to set an alarm because it now has this feature.

In a Nutshell,

Considerations for purchasing a watch include history, accuracy, and durability. Tag Heuer doesn’t just create new technology watches; they also make sure that they have a touch of historical value to their timepieces. It is impossible to ignore the fact that they have been well-known in the watchmaking sector for a very long time and are excellent at it. By purchasing a Tag Heuer watch that has been handcrafted with limitless ingenuity and effort, you are getting yourself an investment rather than merely a luxury item.