Well, Coronavirus is still a burning issue today. It has influenced the way we live and the way we work forcing us to accommodate to the modern reality of health crisis. And if we are talking about new normal after Covid-19 then we definitely need to mention hybrid work.

A hybrid working model is a combination of in-office and telecommuting employees. It gets popular due to its flexible policy and the possibility to save money on various aspects of work, e.g. office space reorganization and reduced need to commute. Not like people were unfamiliar with partially remote work before, but lockdown made many industries take measures to reduce the risk of the infection spreading. However, for some businesses, it is not the best decision to let their staff work from home solely. Employees may face communication problems and productivity decrease without attending office. At the same time, a mix of onsite and at-home work seems to offer a compromise for everyone.

According to McKinsey research, more than 20% of the workforce could work remotely several days a week. Gartner survey revealed that 82% of business owners are expecting to have partially remote workers. Returning employees to the offices is important, because working remotely does not allow colleagues to meet with each other, and some managers complain about the negative consequences for the training of newcomers. In the course of the pandemic, many employees realized that they needed more flexible working hours and hours, not only during but also after the lockdown. Many companies have already worked out the processes of managing remote teams, so they do not mind implementing a hybrid mode of operation. More than the rest, specialists from the IT and financial sectors are counting on the hybrid operation.

As remote work seems to become a common thing everywhere we ought to adapt to these changes and get the best from them. But not everyone can manage the team of onsite and remote employees without assistance. And that is about time for applications which helps to schedule your people.

Basically, you must plan shifts of your staff as well as have a chance to see what your remote cadres are doing and how the overall work is going. What if we will tell you that you do not need multiple apps to schedule and monitor your team anymore? What if you could install just a single app to deal with all possible issues?

Stayhome.ai. is an AI-based platform enabling automated scheduling of shifts, productivity tracking, and communication channels with the built-in notification system. It plans shifts considering more than 50 factors to provide an optimized solution with all requirements taken into account. For some managers, it can be difficult to control the worker’s flow in hybrid mode. This software simplifies the whole process of assigning shifts allowing to achieve fairness in workload. People tend to make mistakes due to unwariness or lack of variables known. AI is able to calculate more possibilities and data providing comprehensive solutions.

Our platform is an all-in-one app assisting in management. We help companies to transit from full in-office to partially remote (hybrid) model also optimizing operational costs. This happens thanks to the ability to rethink your expenses. First of all, you will realize that you do not need so much office space, so you can rent a smaller building and use less equipment which is going to be shared by several employees of different shifts. By this, you will save a giant amount of money. Then, you will reduce employees` chances to catch a disease while commuting. And finally, you will give that desirable level of flexibility while keeping enough control.

The mission of Stayhome.ai is focused on the use of constantly improving technologies to provide the best service for enterprises of any size. This platform offers innovation and keeps on working on new ideas to stay the best in the industry. The team is devoted to the creation of the app which will boost your working results. You will have constant support ready to consult you on any question. The wellness of the clients is a priority for Stayhome.ai.

This tool covers a lot of issues that may appear during hybrid teams management implementation like shift planning and task control. It already proved to be an efficient means in the case of company work. But let`s not be too abstract, and look at some numbers to be more precise. Thanks to Stayhome.ai clients increased their revenue by 12.7%, reduced office costs by 47%, productivity grew by 36% and saved 163% on facility utilization. This means that by using this tool you will optimize your cost-effectiveness per employee. Thorough analysis lets you customize this app according to your needs which leads to the most efficient work environment. You will both earn more money and improve the work experience of every employee by achieving the fullest potential. At the same time, you will increase overall satisfaction.

This app gives visibility for managers and transparency for employees as each of them can check the assigned shifts at any time. It can even remind you about lunchtime. Stayhome.ai has additional functions useful for work like productivity measurement, KPI management, task and time trackers, and insightful reports provision. It also easily complies with other systems. It has a user-friendly interface you just need a couple of clicks to enter the data and the algorithm will do the rest for you.

Employees can easily communicate with managers about their preferences to form a schedule and quickly change it if necessary. This software has simple access to data so you can check it anytime.

The price policy of Stayhome.ai is pretty flexible. They have options of free, pro, and business tariffs, where the first one offers a basic set of functions for up to 10 members and the last one gives unlimited support for corporate clients. This app also has a free trial period of 30 days so you can test all advantages and figure out if you enjoy that.

You are just a single press of a button away from having an unforgettable experience of the most efficient work with Stayhome.ai. But “to see is to believe”, so you better try this amazing app yourself.