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Whether you want a dining space for a family feast or formal affair, finding the perfect fit for a small room offers a unique challenge.

But that challenge is not insurmountable. With a few optical illusions and clever furniture choices, you can turn even the tiniest space into a banquet hall.

Take a glance through these four fabulous small dining room ideas to get you inspired for your next room makeover.

1. A Narrow Dining Table

The trick with any small room is to avoid large furniture, which will add to a feeling of overcrowding. Of course, when it comes to a small dining room table, you don’t want to go too small and have to sit elbow to elbow.

The solution is to pick a narrow table that will still provide the length you need and allow space for people to move in and out of their dining chairs.

And by adding a raised shelf to the middle of the table, you’ll still have plenty of space to add serving dishes or a centerpiece. For some inspiration, take a look at these dining room sets.

2. Add Shelving

Small dining rooms limit the space available for storage units. But you’ve still got to find a permanent home for that gorgeous dining set your best friend gave to you on your wedding day.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Turn your wall space into your very own art gallery display by adding shelves. Floating shelves look stunning and won’t require you to give up any precious floor space.

You can even choose pottery that will compliment the color scheme, and your small dining room decor will feel rustic and charming.

3. Don’t Neglect the Corners

Corners of rooms can be the perfect space-saving solution. Pair a round or oval table with benches built into the wall, and you’ll create a dining space that is cozy and practical.

For even more space efficiency, buy foldable chairs and an extendable table to add extra room for hosting dinner guests.

If you have a bay window, you could also add a gorgeous window seat that will look fashionable and stunning.

4. Go Multifunctional

Dining rooms don’t have to exude formality. When you are short on space, it’s time to rethink what a dining room means for you and your family and design something a little more multifunctional.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Why not create a family den with a coffee table that doubles as a low-level dining area for an informal space? Cushions offer fun, individual seating arrangements too.

Or how about a dining room that doubles as a play area. You can create a bright, practical space that the family will use all hours of the day with drawers under the table for added storage.

What’s Your Ideal Small Dining Room?

Ultimately, a small dining room has to create a space that will get plenty of use and reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to throw away dining stereotypes and try some unique or unusual ideas.

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