When cannabis was legalized in California it was inevitable that other states would follow. The appeal of having a popular taxable product bringing in funds for the states involved was not lost on those in charge and licensed and registered growers like Sensi Seeds and retailers abound in many different locations and especially online.

Another change in the world of weed has been the advent of vaping. With cheap and discreet devices available and a wealth of stores selling cannabis leaf and wax for vaping this is rapidly becoming the method of choice for a great number of users. This article looks at the case for both and how to get the best out of either smoking or vaping your cannabis.

The Case for Vaping

Vaping is popular not just for weed users but also for those who enjoy CBD. Cannabidiol is a cannabis product but one that is reduced in THC – the psychoactive element of the plant – that is used by people for relief with many ailments as well as for fun and is a popular product available in many forms.

But for vaping cannabis itself, a weed pen of some variety is an essential item, one that can be bought for very little and you will find useful. So what are the benefits of vaping cannabis? If you buy a pen that is designed for wax – often known as a wax or a dab pen – you will find there are versions that have adjustable power and temperature.

Vape pens work when a battery heats a coil to a specific temperature at which the cannabis atomizes, creating a cloud of vapor that is inhaled for the effect. With an adjustable model, you can try various settings and find the ideal one for you in terms of taste and quantity.

Vaping involves no burning so there is no risk of the carcinogens that are created when burning is present and provides a somewhat smoother hit. However, many people still prefer the smoking option where possible, although it is not permitted to smoke in many places across the USA. You can find out more about weed pens at a reputable online CBD shop and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

The Case for Smoking

Since the legalization of cannabis there may have been a definite move towards vaping, but it remains smoking that is the preferred method of getting a weed hit for many who were already weed fans. The majority of newcomers to the cannabis world have taken to vaping and perhaps made the right decision. However, if you prefer a strong and raw hit there may be no substitute for a good old joint.

The act of smoking a cannabis joint is something of a routine for many too and is part of the experience as is creating it. There is no argument that there is a massive difference in taste and strength between the two methods, just as there is none that vaping is less harmful as far as has been determined. Yet the joint lives on and rightly so with those for whom cannabis is an old-school experience.


There is an argument in favor of both smoking and vaping cannabis, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. To be fair it is and should be a personal choice, but when all is said and done vaping is most certainly safer and less harmful to health than smoking. The choice is yours, but we recommend you try vaping if you have not already done so, so check out vape pens online now and see what you can find.