People will soon be able to earn money while playing the popular first person shooter free to play game from Valve known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The chance to earn money when they play video games has been the dream of everybody. It’s just a few people, including the influencers, streamers and professional players that get to fulfill this dream, while enjoying their favorite games.

For a few years, CSGO players all over the world have had the chance to receive Bitcoin through the game by unboxing skins. These can in turn be sold on Markets for real money and cryptocurrencies within minutes. Alternatively, if you unbox a skin, you can then deposit it at CSGO gambling sites 2021, where you can play games like crash, coinflip, roulette and have the chance to win better skins and items.

But now, the enthusiasts, semi pros, and underdogs of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive will soon have the opportunity to earn from the game. One Bitcoin startup known as ZEBEDEE is about launching a platform that is billed to allow players earn in Bitcoin as they play the game.  The launching of its first 10 servers is scheduled for this week, and it will come with BTC Infuse Technology. These transactions are to be handheld by Lightning Network.

Simon Cowell, who is ZEBEDEE’s CEO and co-founder, posited that this has triggered a huge hype and excitement among players of CS:GO. He went ahead to say that the announcement of the integration of Bitcoin and CS: GO was received by gamers in a way he has never seen before in the world of blockchain gaming, while talking to Decrypt. He also revealed that the number of signups on their waitlist is enough to fully occupy the first 10 servers that they plan to launch, and because of that, they have a plan to increase their server capacity very soon. For him, he has a good feeling that the infiltration of crypto into gaming’s mainstream has finally been cracked.

Most times, the number of concurrent players of the game reaches 1 million, with 1.3 million as the peak in 2020. The competition in the esports sector is also increasing, with an increase in prize pools apart from the hardcore fans. To join the CS: GO servers, powered by Infuse Technology, one has to download the ZEBEDEE desktop app. After this; you will need to fund the account with Bitcoin and play games with it. As you play, several factors will determine your mining, including score, deaths, skills, pot and others. It is very simple to cash out and you can do this whenever you want to.

Ordinary players will experience the biggest level of revolution. Only very few sets of elite professional players can take part in esports tournaments at the moment, and they are the set that win all the money, according to Cowell.