Finding cheap CSGO skins has never been easier before. All users need to do is and search for cheapest csgo skins available online using SkinScan’s help. SkinScan is able to perform robust research and display numerous suggestions for customers who choose to use its platform. A brief guide about using SkinScan to find the prices you are looking for is listed below.

  1. Visit the website mentioned before.
  2. Select an item from the category listed, for example, rifle.
  3. Narrow down your search by choosing the specific weapon you want to find skins for.
  4. You can do this by making use of the ‘Subtypes’ and ‘Rarity’
  5. Once you choose a specified weapon, SkinScan will show you the best available price on its platform.
  6. It will also present specifics such as the total number of prices available on the internet, the 6 best prices it found and the accompanying description of the skin.
  7. You can also perform your skin search by simply choosing the ‘Item Search’ option on the website.
  8. Users can also join the ‘Discord platform’ and ask questions from the community about any kind of skins.
  9. SkinScan helps its customers locating cheap csgo skins with the help of its friendly Bot called Enzo searches the internet and performs price comparisons every 6 hours to stay updated about any new price entries. Once it comes across a new price entry though it is scraping, it registers it into the SkinScan’s logs. Enzo can also send out notifications to Discord users and emails to users who subscribe with SkinScan in case it finds cheapest price deals for CSGO skins. Last but not the least, Enzo also assists users in selecting skins of their liking by generating random skin for their weapon using it ‘Randomizer’
  10. In order to purchase a skin via SkinScan’s platform, users need to register for an account and log in every time they strike a bargain. Alternatively, users can also use their Google Accounts to sign in to the platform.

The Benefits of Using

Some of the benefits of using a platform like SkinScan include ease of access to the plethora of weapons and their skins scattered on the internet, exposure to 9000+ websites dealing in buying and selling of skins on one platform and gaining access to best prices without any hassle or time wastage.


Buying, selling and swapping new skins for old are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the video gaming community. While many people pursue this for the sake of improved aesthetics of the game, others take matters more seriously and trade skins for winning bets or making many online.

SkinScan helps people search for their desired item and compare prices from various websites on one platform instead of them having to visit each website and taking notes. This helps customers save time and generates time-efficient results for gamers and gamblers alike, who have to make immediate decisions and are always short on time.