Every year, there is an increment in the popularity of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive video game, however, what makes the game more interesting is the unity of players’ teams in heading towards one goal and to be ahead of their fellow gamers.

Like every other year, they have produced an interesting new format of the game by raising the competitive edge – though by default, the CS:GO team rankings show just how far each team has improved on a monthly basis

In fact, the best thing about CS:GO is that no single team can have no total dominance – while 2021 has provided us with a shift in online play which ultimately gives the game its competitive power, there are few teams who could truly boast of the advantage over others in the competition.

However, despite the competitiveness, this year, below are the top CS:GO teams in the year 2021


One of the great teams around since they formed, during this year, Gambit has been known as the epitome of consistency and they fired on all cylinders and they became the IEM-Katowise 2021 champions.

More than other teams, Gambit has been sitting above the rest while they are running the show from the beginning of the year, but Gambit failed to stamp their authority in the last two finals, while they challenged Heroic to a historic game 5 at ESL Pro League S13 before going on par against NaVi to whom they defeated in the earlier competition.

Truly! Sustain consistency is rewarded and the Gambit took the mantle to prove that they are not just a flash in the pan team as they rise to the top against all odds. However, despite not winning it, Gambit strives to sustain top placings, going far in each competition and without a doubt, Gambit is finally showing the world of what they are capable of – they might even be the new Astralis

In fact, they are showing while they need to be remembered as a great team as they are building their legacy as one of the best CS:GO teams ever on the scene.


Though many may not have considered them as they fell short at the EPL final rematch against the Gambit at DH Masters, many touted their first victory against the same opponents at ESL Pro League S13 as a fluke. But a single defeat doesn’t lessen the impressive stake of the Heroic in 2021 and it certainly doesn’t make them less of a threat

Moreover, one of the obvious surprises of 2021 has been the resurgent rise of Heroic through the ranks with multiple tournament placings on a consecutive basis coupled with their great performances. Thus, it is obvious why they retain the number two position as the best team of the year.

Caper has pre-warned the rejuvenation of the Heroic in 2021, he said? “Pay attention to Heroic, as they look to bounce back in the summer portion of 2021, because that’s who CadiaN is, and that is what Heroic does”.

cadiaN” Møller is on his own personal redemption arc and has been fun to watch as it looks like he has no plans on stopping any time soon which can only be a good thing.

Nature Vincere (NaVi)

Although they are not as consistent as the two teams in the first and second spot on our ratings, the Nature Vincere (Navi) are not immune to this situation. In fact, they are particularly on it after an impressive run of one or two tournament ratings, NaVi usually bump out of the next ones until they fashion their way back and rise again.

However, NaVi had another impressive performance at Dreamhack Master Spring 2021, despite going to the tournament of one of the least favorites at +2500 according to Heritage sportsbook, but with Natur Vincere talisman S1mple, NaVi turned in an incredible performance as they beat FURIA, Gambit, Mousesports, Virtus, PRO, and Heroic to attain an impressive win.

With their unstable performances, it became obvious the kind of year they had despite going against all odds to beat their counterparts on many occasions but their impressive performance ratings did the trick.


Furia had their shortcomings on the world stage throughout the year as they always found themselves behind in some pretty good matches. In fact, they are never going down with a fight and they took the game to NaVi and Gambit in a series of losses, which is also was the case many times that they lost, but they are unlikely to win any of the big ones of the year.

In 2021, Furia has always struggled to justify themselves as one of the best in the world, however, there is no doubt they are the best North American has to offer – they looked to break into the top three, but they’ll need some changes to fashion such a feat in the long run.

Since their Blast Premier Spring Showdown, G2 has been pretty impressive, and following some solid performances at the beginning they reduced their rating to top-five and could not rise above those that have been consistent throughout the year.

However, they showed why they are one of the best CS:GO teams to follow in the spring and they only lost on three occasions against Gambit and FunPlus Phoenix, while in the other games they remained consistent and performed very well.

Since they acquired JaCkz, the team has been able to move past the initial troubles that came with the acquisition of NiKo. However, the team is now beginning to gel on all fronts and if this continues, G2 might begin to think they have a chance to win the 2022 tournament.