There are as much as 2.7 billion gamers in the world! If that isn’t enough to blow your mind, the global gaming market could be worth approximately $159 billion by the end of this year. Japan is the second-largest video game market in the world after the US. While Project QT and Bleach are more contemporary, classic games, such as Pac-Man, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Street Fighter, are ever-cherished and played.

What is the reason behind the immense popularity of anime games, and why are gamers drawn towards Japanese-animated games? In this article, we’d look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of anime games among gamers.

The Birth Of The Anime Gaming Industry—Pac-Man, The Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, Bleach, Project QT, And More!

The evolution of the gaming industry from the 70s until today is because of the exchange of ingenious ideas from the East and the West. The culture, music, and literature of the US, Japan, and Europe have contributed towards the creation of the gaming industry in these regions.

In the 70s, there were arcades that had cartoon-like games that gamers would indulge in. In this era, the popular games were Pac-Man and Mappy from the East, and Mr. Do! From the West.

In 1983, the creation of consoles led to the crash of the US gaming industry, where the smaller gaming companies faced closure. It took America nearly two years to recover from this fallout. At the same time, the Japanese consoles became popular with Sega Master System and Nintendo’s Nintendo Entertainment System being the most prominent consoles.

During the same year, the console NES or Nintendo Entertainment System (the Famicom in Japan) became a significant console in the US and brought back some of the lost reputations of the gaming industry in the US. It was because of the NES that Europe and America were introduced to the Japanese culture and style of animation. The most popular games in the NES console were the Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Metroid. These games were, without a doubt, influenced by Japanese anime and paved the way for the anime industry in the West.

It was due to this proliferation of anime in the Western market that the cult-favorite Akira became super-successful in the 90s. In the 90s, other successful and popular anime games were Final Fight, Street Fighter II, Pokemon, and Gundam.

Later, various anime series found its way into the gaming industry with games, such as One Piece subbed, Bleach, etc. were formed inspired by their popular shows. And guess what? Gamers loved them!

Let’s look at the various reasons why gamers love anime games.

Reasons Why Gamers Love Anime Games

Here are the reasons why anime games are so popular among gamers.

The Exciting Fight Scenes

One thing the gamers love more than anything is the fight scenes in games! Anime brings a unique art form and animation style that is gripping and attractive. With realistic details and exaggerated expressions and hits, it is no doubt that gamers love the fight scenes in anime games.

The Fantastic Visual Art

Maybe you don’t consider anime as an art form; however, the intricate details that go in an anime game, the characterization, the realistic backgrounds, and the animation all take a lot of effort into the digital artists.

Gamers are also attracted to anime games because of the creative art form they bring with them. It is the attention to detail that grabs the attention of the gamer and makes them feel immersed in the game.

The Storyline

Another reason why gamers love anime games is because of their storyline.

Most anime games create an emotional and psychological connection with the audience that they appreciate. Gamers find themselves fully attached to the games and their characters as if it were in real life.

Moreover, many anime games are inspired by anime series. The anime series have storylines of their own, characters that are easy to relate to, and realistic settings. When these series turn into games, even the non-gamers feel like giving it a try!

The Music

Since the arcade days of video games, music has been the game’s integral part. What first started off as mere computer beeps, was then transformed to entire theme songs for games.

The music in video games is crucial for delivering the gaming experience that producers want to give gamers. Anime games are no exception in this regard. In fact, anime games music shows the rich Japanese culture in games and delivers a memorable and unique gaming experience.

The music industry for video games is sort of its own niche these days, with schools, such as New York University, Yale, Berklee College of Music, etc. offering music programs specifically for video games.

A Great Gaming Experience

Gamers are drawn towards anime games due to the unique and exciting gaming experience they bring. Japanese games have their own style and features; they portray their culture in the most attractive ways, provide realistic settings and backgrounds, and offer animated characters that are enjoyed by various age groups.

Anime games offer a complete gaming experience to their audience in regard to the animation, the unique art form, the relatable characters, the epic fight scenes, the storyline, and the music. This complete gaming experience is everything a gamer wants, and then some!

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed the birth of anime games and how they took over the US gaming industry in the 80s. We also mentioned a few popular classic games, like The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, Street Fighter, and the more contemporary games, such as Project QT, Bleach, One Piece, etc.

Moreover, we discussed why gamers are drawn to anime games. The reasons are evident: anime games bring with them epic fight scenes, a unique storyline, a great visual art form, the music that ties everything together, and a complete gaming experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Until next time, happy gaming!