Computers were introduced in the era between the 1980s and 1990s. Each one of us had our own favorites when it came to games, from the thrust of Street Fighter to the platform of Super Mario, or simplicity of Pacman- everyone was hooked to one game or the other.

The gaming market continues to grow even today, and over the decade, it is now accompanied by technology. Across the planet, technology companies are trying to get their bite out of the gaming pie. But, 20 years later in the millennium, people are going back to their favorites from childhood.

The question is – Why?

We have compiled a list of reasons that hint at the popularity of retro games in the present day. The reasons that stand behind the success of the retro games even today are listed as following:

Cheap But Cheerful

Modern games such as Xbox Play Station, Switch, etc. are considered costly. Thus, this makes a 30-year-old go back in time, which is a far cheaper and simpler option. To turn into a modern gamer, you should be enthusiastic enough to spend your token, expansion, upgrades, and in-game purchases to carry out the game forward. Whereas the old school gamer plays retro games from start to finish without paying any buck. They are cheap and cheerful and give a thrilling experience once you start playing.

Gaming For Everyone

Whatsoever the reason is for playing a retro game you are not alone in this. It is not an activity, but entertainment for all. Additionally, a huge community is involved and loves to share their passion across the community. The visitors are welcomed every year, and huge events are organized to make the point that gaming is for all and everyone.


The retro games from the 80s and 90s are simple and better that makes them preferred over other modern titles. It’s just not about the technology, but the characters and buildup of the games. The characters of these retro games are beyond one’s imagination that is lacking in contemporary games.

Additionally, several retro gamers also champion the simplicity of the gameplay. Moreover, there were no online tutorials or walkthrough cheats to download. You were given three to four lives, which kept on going no matter how hard and fast the game evolved.

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Creative Storylines

Undoubtedly, retro games have incredible storylines. From the love motivated quest to the android warrior, these stories are the originality of retro games. Furthermore, the ideas were so fresh and clear and never heard of before.

However, in the world of today, the gaming world appears to run out of ideas. This can be observed since developers are coming up with overused concepts. Games of today are usually based on zombies, military, mechanics, and apocalypse.

Supportive plugin

Every single time gamers turn on their Play Station to play, they came across a new update that takes up a lot of their time. You are required to wait for it to complete. Moreover, the set up requires a fast internet connection. This is because the slower the internet, the more time it requires to update. However, for a retro game, all you need is to plug in the computer. You might have to blow it into a game unit to get it started. But, you don’t have to waste an hour in the face of updates.

Exciting Games

How many tries did you take for crossing a level in PacMan? Well, there is no need to lie since it takes more than one. Besides, many retro games require dozens of trials to jump on another level without a cheating code. Additionally, electrifying music still rings in our ears.

Moreover, to keep up with the excitement, your progress cannot be saved. It’s either you keep on playing for hours or lose all your points all at once.

The Durability Of The Retro Gaming System

The durability of a retro game system is a huge pill. From the moment you dig out from the dirt, you can kick it off after a little wipe. Whereas when it comes to a newer system, it would have a meltdown if operated after 10 years.

Thus, the durability of the vintage gaming system gives a friendly reassurance. It is absent in the newer gaming system.

The latest gaming system has spoiled us to the core. They are played according to our likings and customization. We can save progress and can play among friends from across the planet. While recent technology has enhanced our gaming experience, sometimes all we want is to go back to the roots.

The exciting challenges, which are included in old games make one a better gamer. All the above-listed factors have contributed to the recent popularity of retro games, but we guess the ‘nostalgia‘ factor beats it all. It is the power punch of nostalgia that makes us want to relive the experience all over again. We get excited with classic songs and movies. The same is the case with retro games, which give us a chance to relive the youth. To get to know more insights about retro games.