The Jerusalem Post recently did a story on gambling in Arab countries. As per the story, while gambling is forbidden in these regions, there are still people interested in gambling. That’s why a lot of underground casinos have popped up in places like Qatar and Jordan.

The same goes for sports betting, as reported by Salon Prive Magazine. Since betting on anything, too, is considered illegal in the Arab region, people opt for alternative means. One way they do so is through offshore online gambling sites, which, under certain legal frameworks, are not fully prohibited.

The online gambling scene in the Middle East and Arab Gulf countries has grown exponentially in recent years. While the Arab region is not known for gambling, it seems that players from these Arab countries are more than enthusiastic about online gambling.

That being said, here’s a list of the top gambling sites that provide services to Arab players. The full list is available on For this article, we’ll take the shorter route and include only the top four from the list.

888 Casino

888 Casino is an online Arabic casino site that provides casino players from the Arab region with one of the best gambling platforms in the world. To appeal to Arab players, the casino not only provides instructions and on-site messages in Arabic, but it also has customer service representatives who are fluent in the Arabic language. That means Arab players can discuss and have their problems solved in their native tongue.

As for the games, 888 Casino outdoes itself here as well. Like most online gambling sites, 888 Casino also has a slot machine, but instead of regular characters, it uses Arabic characters. The usual slot games, along with blackjack, roulettes, etc., are also available at 888 Casino.

Players can also avail of lucrative welcome bonuses when they initially sign up for 888 Casino. The welcome bonus is one of the many things that keeps bringing in more Arab players to the platform. However, these players end up staying back on the platform for its games, the opportunity to win more money, and high-quality customer service, which is available in the Arabic language.

Betfinal Casino

Another gambling site that you probably didn’t know existed in Arabic is Betfinal Casino. Owned by Final Enterprises NV, Betfinal Casino started its journey in 2013 and since then has become one of the most popular gambling sites among Arab players.

Betfinal Casino has one of the most modern and user-friendly UIs in the world when it comes to online gambling and betting. It also offers Arab players the option to switch to the Arabic language for a smoother gaming experience. On top of that, the platform has a responsive design that allows players to play on their mobile phones as well.

Betfinal also offers sports betting in Arabic. This is one of the most unique features of the platform, as not too many sports betting sites offer their services in languages like Arabic.

The bonus schemes on Betfinal are also lucrative and get many gambling enthusiasts from the Middle East and Arab Gulf countries interested in playing. There’s the welcome bonus, the loyalty bonus, the weekend deposit bonus, etc. Arab players enjoy winning right from the start, which is why the welcome bonus is one of the most effective ways to appeal to this crowd because it provides them with a taste of victory right from the very beginning.

Casino 777

The online casinos we’ve talked about so far have the option to switch to the Arab language. However, Casino 777 doesn’t have that option. Yet, it’s still on this list and is very popular among Arab gambling enthusiasts.

777 has an attractive classic look which is one of its distinct features. The classic style helps players ease into the games as they place their bets. In no way does the style or looks of the casino interfere with on-site features or navigation. If anything, they make for a comfortable setting for the players to slowly adjust to the gambling platform and understand its features.

Casino 777 has a responsive design, meaning you can play on your mobile phones as well. As for the games, you get to enjoy everything from slot machines and blackjack to baccarat and roulette games.

Casino 777 offers a total return-to-player (RTP) of 96.62 percent. This is one of the highest payout ratios you’ll ever come across on any online gambling site. Such a high RTP is another reason why Arab players don’t hesitate to invest their time and money in Casino 777.

YYY Online Casino

Cross-device compatibility and Arabic language support are two features that have popularized the YYY Casino amongst Arabic players. Then there are features like live casino gaming and sports betting, which also contribute to the gambling site’s growing popularity.

While YYY doesn’t offer any welcome bonus, there are opportunities to win bonuses throughout the games. What players appreciate the most about YYY Casino is its fair-play system. All the results are generated at random, and there’s no scope for any human intervention. Besides, live games are broadcasted using high-resolution cameras, which means you can always monitor what’s going on.

According to Grand View Research, the online gambling market is valued at over $57 billion. Thus, it only makes sense that there are online gambling sites that cater to Arab nations since these countries have a lot of money and won’t hesitate to spend some of that money gambling and betting online.

Playing a game in your native language is one of the best feelings ever. Thus, if you’re an Arab gambling enthusiast, don’t hesitate to give these gambling platforms a try. You’ll surely enjoy the time you spend on these platforms.