What do you do when you’re locked out of your house? Well, when you have a toddler with you, you can just send them inside through the window to fetch the key, assuming they know where the keys are and can fit through the window.

That’s exactly what a mom did recently, as was reported on wehavekids.com. Locked out of the house, the mom found an open window that her toddler could fit through and grab the door keys for her.

While this isn’t the ideal way to get this done, it’s far better than what many others would do, and that’s getting in by breaking your windows.

In many cases, people find themselves in front of a locked door and think that breaking the windows and then getting in is the way to deal with this problem. However, unless it’s an emergency situation, there’s no reason to do so.

Forbes says that a broken window can lead to injuries. Given how panic-inducing the situation can get, it’s natural that you might hurt yourself while trying to break the windows and enter the house. Instead of doing that, a more logical decision would be to remain calm, call a locksmith, and have them handle the situation.

Here’s why.

Professional Locksmiths Won’t Make a Mess Out of It

Breaking a window just to get inside the house is a very messy job. When you break the window, you’ll have glass shattered on the floor inside the house as well as outside of it. You later have to clean up this mess and then also get your window repaired. All this is way too messy.

On the other hand, when you call a local locksmith to unlock a house, they’ll bring in special tools as well as their expertise and experience with them. Since they’re familiar with the locking mechanism of most locks, they can easily break you in. Unless the lock is broken or jammed in some way, your locksmith won’t have to force their way in by breaking the lock. They can simply use their tools to unlock it and get you in.

Thus, locksmiths can handle the situation more calmly and without making any mess.

It’s More Efficient

Breaking a window just to get inside a house while your door is locked is somewhat counterintuitive. In an attempt to solve one problem, you’re giving birth to another. That’s because, at the end of the day, you’re going to have to fix the window too.

In contrast, hiring a locksmith to open the door for you is a more efficient solution. Not only can they get things done fast, but they’ll also save you the trouble of having to repair your windows.

You Might Get Injured When Trying to Break the Window

Unless you find a brick or something heavy to break the windows, you can’t get in your house when the door is locked or jammed. In such a situation, you’re going to have to opt for the only alternative you have, and that’s your hand.

When you try to break a glass or window with your hand, there’s a chance that you might injure yourself. Instead of letting that happen, the safer option would be to call a locksmith. You don’t have to risk your own health and well-being then.

Window Repairs Cost More

According to Architectural Digest, window repairs, on average, cost around $305. On the other hand, a locksmith will cost you around $50 to $100 an hour. Window repairs will clearly cost you more money.

Suppose you’re locked out of your house, and you need to get in. By breaking a window, you can gain access to your house again. However, you later have to fix that window. After all, you can’t leave it broken and expect to be safe inside the house.

Repairs will cost you around $305 on average. In many cases, you might have to pay upwards of $500 for a window repair job. Besides, some repair jobs might ask you to get all the materials needed to repair the window. In that case, you have to spend extra. If you had to replace the broken window, costs would’ve increased a lot more.

Calling a locksmith is a far cheaper option and a more efficient one as well, something that we’ve covered earlier in this article.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons, it’s evident that when you’re locked out of your house, calling a locksmith over breaking the house windows is the superior option.