Quarantine has been a hard time for all of us. There is very little to do at home, you can’t go out and socialize, and there is so much negativity around us. These issues can take a toll on your mental health. The social distance has led to a situation where you don’t know what to do with yourself. And the majority of us have run out of Netflix shows to watch. We understand that this can be a trying time for all of us. Not only do you want to avoid boredom, but you also need to stay away from the negativity. Let us provide you with an incredible option. You guessed it right; Gaming!

Phone games, online RPG’s and console games can all cheer you up and make your time at home much more bearable. We don’t have the stigma around gaming, which we once did, and even if we do, it’s considerably less than it once was. If you ever feel the need to justify your gaming usage to your family, keep reading.

Here are some ways gaming helps sharpen your mind.

Strengthens Your Decision-Making Abilities

If you are getting into MMORPG, you will face quite a few decisions to make. Games like World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans can be incredibly attention-grabbing too. Millions of people worldwide have enjoyed these games. The higher you go in the game, the harder the challenges and, thus, difficulty making decisions. With more demanding challenges, you have to weigh the options and make the best decision. The required cognitive stimulation when thinking about decisions can sharpen the brain. Decision-making skills can be an excellent benefit for everyone. The ability to think ahead, dealing with preemptive issues, and working within guidelines, are all required skills for our lives. Everyday life is fast-paced, and sometimes you don’t have time to think all the details through. However, video games help you train your decision-making abilities in such a way that you look at one thing from several angles.

If you are looking to make your way higher in the game, consider buying accounts from numerous websites, like, visiting Accountwarehouse and getting the details. Purchasing an account with preexisting stats means that you start your journey at a certain point ahead, rather than from the beginning. It leaves you with more challenging tasks and more tough decisions to make. Thus really putting you to the test.

Sharpens Your Reflexes

Some modern online games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Warzone put players in the hot seat and put them up against some of the world’s most competitive players. In the game, you might meet professional gamers and streamers who make a living out of playing these games. Therefore, you can imagine that you are in an extremely competitive environment.

It sharpens your reflexes since you are exposing yourself to such fast-paced competition. Not only are you trying to win, but you are putting all your efforts to stay alive in an online battle royal. Strafing, taking cover, sharpshooting, and tactical reloads all count towards your reflexes sharpening. Suppose you always stress yourself into reacting faster and improving your reflexes. In that case, your mind will naturally adapt to the cognitive load and process stimuli more quickly. You are thus sharpening your skills.

It can be great for children and adolescents who might be looking to get into sports. Videos games can indeed help train your reflex and adapt your mind better to play individual sports. Football, baseball, and especially basketball need good reflexes for you to excel in the game.

Improves Your Hand-Eye Co-Ordination

You may group hand-eye co-ordination with reflexes, but in fact, they are vastly different. Reflex is how fast you react to stimuli in the environment. Hand-eye co-ordination refers to how well your perception is in terms of your physical surroundings.

Being well coordinated with depth, spatial awareness, and proximity in a video game can also enhance your daily co-ordination. Combined with good reflexes and superior everyday skills makes you better than everyone else.

Increases Your Patience

There is no denying that you are too invested in your game. Things not going your way, failing a task, or dying in the game can be extremely annoying and test your patience. Controlling your rage is a crucial factor when you are gaming. You can’t be fuming every time you lose a challenge, now, can you? That would be socially unacceptable. Players in highly competitive games are known to break their keyboards or controllers or switch the game off entirely.

With constant exposure to video games, you might slowly become desensitized to irritation (losing) and learn how to work better and manage your temper. The more you play, the less likely it is that the same thing will continue to bother you every time. Studies have shown that people who play video games are considerably more patient and better control their aggressive impulses.

Helps Your Memory

Most games require a certain degree of cognitive ability above and beyond merely processing the game. It would help if you were analytical, deductive, and even be able to remember things. Modern games are known to test your abilities much more than that. They encourage you to listen to the dialogues and pay attention to what’s essential.

Some of the narratives may hold clues as to how to move forward in the game. Therefore, attentiveness and memory testing are both essential aspects related to gaming. Try it yourself. See how your memory works once you start playing video games.

Pay Attention To Details

You might not have ever done this before, but your ability to pay attention to detail has now become sharper than it once was. Gaming relies on your ability to focus on the front and the foreground. You need to be very well aware of what’s going on in the game to move forward. Sometimes that relies on you paying attention to the little details in the environment. Attention to detail has become somewhat imperative in modern games and a mind sharpening ability that translates into real life.


Next time anyone tries to tell you how bad video games are for you, you now have a counter-argument to give back. It’s essential to break the stigma around gaming as it does have several benefits that could sharpen our minds. We have talked about some of them, but there are countless others. Even otherwise, if it merely alleviates the boredom from your life, why not play video games? If it gets your mind away from the negativity, then go right ahead. It’s a great way to relax at the end of a long day!