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Gamblers who have been a part of the iGaming business for years remember that there was only one type of online bookmaker before. Those websites were universal and included everything. However, companies realized that this is not convenient for everyone, which is why some users can access unique platforms for things, such as esports.

When we are discussing eSports and punting, we can find numerous companies with quality options. In fact, If you’re looking to bet online, check this comprehensive esports betting sites list, and you will find a professional analysis of all leading names. Those who compare the bookies side by side will always find a difference, especially for certain titles.

Most eSports gamblers are probably aware of what these brands are known for. However, they should learn about the final details and the options that make some of them so desirable. Therefore, the article is devoted to several little-known facts about esports betting websites.

Not all of them have a license from your country of residence

Esports betting operators are just like other websites that offer gambling services. They need the same things to function and have to follow the rules set by the betting authorities. Speaking of those things, do not be surprised if the eSports site you like does not have permission from the regulators in your country of residence. A lot of gamblers feel uncomfortable using such a site and decide to try something else, but in reality, this is not a major issue.

Gambling and wagering on esports is a delicate matter in many countries worldwide, which means that some have way more strict rules than others. Instead of trying to satisfy the local gambling authorities, these websites obtain permission from places that are more gambling-friendly and use it to operate elsewhere.

Most countries do not have any specific legislation that prevents people from using offshore betting companies, let alone sites that only have esports services. Therefore, you should be fine no matter what you choose.

A lot of esports betting platforms have different features than the standard bookmakers

The leading bookmakers have become most people’s go-to options for many reasons, one of which is because of the features. You can come across a wide range of options, depending on where you reside, such as the ability to watch live matches, punt on events held in real-time, and more.

Interestingly, all top-tier esports gambling brands will provide clients with the same things and will add a few other things to make everything more special. There are a lot of good examples, such as the Cash Out feature, which allows esports bettors to control what’s happening and settle their bets earlier if things are not going well.

Some websites will also have special in-game options only available to clients using the specific operator. However, these features may only work for punters residing in certain areas because they require the specific game to have a relationship with the gambling site. Needless to say, most esports titles do not want to associate themselves with betting platforms, so they prefer not to offer such a thing.

There are different kinds of bonuses

Another little-known fact about esports betting websites is that only a few of them offer standard bonuses that the brands are known for. Everyone likes promotions, so those places also have a lot of things to provide, but they are unique and will only work for the particular eSports title.

You can find multiple examples out there, so it’s hard to point out only a few of them. Sometimes, users find contingency promos for the game they like that offer them additional money or a free bet. That said, the debut of some of the world’s leading sites for esports includes a world-class promo section that entails options like no deposit bonuses and even more perks.

Esports bonuses are just like any other offers in terms of the conditions. Usually, players residing in some of the attractive gambling markets will need to meet a minimum deposit requirement, and they will have to wager the amount they get at least a couple of times before the site allows them to pull it out.

A very important thing to remember about esports bookies and their bonuses is that a lot of them are geo-restricted. So, people in some parts of the world will have the chance to use more things than gamblers who live elsewhere. Some clients try to bypass these restrictions by using VPNs and other tools, but most eSports operators do not allow those things, so it’s better to use what’s available in your jurisdiction.

Some bookies offer esports betting guides

While it is true that the majority of people who are interested in wagering on eSports know what to expect from this industry, others do not have enough experience. Hence, they are more prone to making mistakes that can cost them money. Most bookies do not mind that and even stimulate those people to wager so they can earn more money, but others try to provide them with better options. That’s one of the reasons why some sites have esports betting guides.

These guides can include a lot of helpful information regarding the website itself, and the various esports titles. Users can learn how to place a bet and what to remember when doing it. Usually, the details will highlight the importance for users to know the game they are wagering know, learn some details regarding the teams and players, study their strategies, and more.

Even though many gamblers do not want to follow these guides and simply want to wager on the team they like more, others always check them before gambling. They also want to check whether there are any illegal sports betting activities in the given game and what to be aware of.

Most eSports websites do not have the best customer support departments

The last important thing that gamblers have to be prepared for before they use the eSports bookie they want is related to the support team. Even though there are always exceptions, gamers will come across a wide range of esports bookies where the customer support team is just not as good as it should be. Some sites need more options and will only assist people via live chat, but you can also come across customer support agents who have yet to learn what they are doing.

One of the reasons for the poor customer service is the fact that eSports bookies do not have enough resources to hire their own employees. Usually, those sites rely on third-party customer support agencies, which have no idea about eSports and what people can bet on. In fact, they can only provide you with basic information about the operator and its services, which is never a good thing.