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Did you know that the average American household spends up to $2,000 annually on utility bills? Luckily, weatherproofing strips and other door weatherproofing products reduce these costs.

Do you know how to weatherproof doors? It could save you a bundle of money each month if done correctly.

The following guide will explain how to weatherproof a door properly. Read on to learn how to keep your home temperature regulated and your bills low.

Use Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping for doors can be found online and in most home improvement stores. Find the right size and gauge to weatherproof a front door.

Door cleaning and dust removal are essential to keeping door stripping in place. Use fine sandpaper or a rough sponge for cleaning. Also, make sure the surface is dry.

Next, remove the backing of the adhesive strips little by little as you press them into place along the doorframe. Nail in one small brass weatherproofing nail at each end of every strip.

Remove the strips if the door won’t close and replace them with a different size. Visit https://www.portesdegaragemb.com/reparation-residentiel for more information on weatherproofing door jambs.

Use Door Insulating Felt

Cut the insulating felt into strips long enough to reach across each end of the door. Then, use nails or staples to fasten it around the end.

The felt strips should be thick enough to compress when the door closes. However, they should not prevent the poor from closing.

Carpentry staples work well for attaching door insulating felt. Although, heavy-duty staples increase durability.

You’ll need to take out any previous staples before adding any new pieces. One drawback of felt is that the staples make unsightly holes from fastening the felt. The biggest benefit is felt’s low cost and longevity.

Use a Weatherproof Door Sweep

Door sweeps slide underneath the bottom of your door and close it off at both sides. Open your door and insert the sweep underneath.

There is often a groove in the bottom of newer doors for inserting a door sweep. Some sweeps get bunched up and make it difficult to open and shut doors. Use masking tape to secure the sweep in place if this occurs.

However, note the risk of damaging door finishes by adding masking tape. Only attach the tape to non-visible portions of your door. Use a threshold adapter to seal any gaps between the door threshold and sweep.

Use Insulating Film on Door Windows

Drafts can occur if your door has a window. Use insulating plastic film to reduce these drafts.

Use two layers of double-sided tape around the door window frame. Peel off the tape backing after 15 minutes. Press the film into place on the window. Films that already have an adhesive strip attached are also an easy option.

Ready To Weatherproof a Door?

Now you know several effective ways to weatherproof a door. All the methods mentioned are inexpensive and easy to apply. All that’s left to do is choose one and stop drafts from increasing your utility bills.

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