The minigames in Old School Runescape are capable of bringing in a lot of rewards, including OSRS gold, XP, and much more. There are some minigames that are of more use to you than others, so this article will be discussing some of the best ones that you can take part in.

The Nightmare Zone

Kicking off with The Nightmare Zone, this can be a really rewarding area. Using the points that you earn here you can imbue certain items. This includes imbuing rings, which doubles its stats, There are other OSRS items that you can imbue too, such as a Slayer Helmet which gives it Mage and Range bonuses. Or you could imbue Crystal items, which will mean that they stay with their best stats as they degrade. Also, if you are looking to make some OSRS gold, then Herb Boxes found here can be great for making some money.

Mage Arena (Wilderness)

If you are looking to get the most out of Magic, then the Mage Arena is a great place to do so. This is because you can get Mage Capes, which are best in the slot for Magic that can give you a great Magic Attack bonus. If you are using charge spells from the normal spellbook, you are able to make the most of the God Spells that you find here too. They get a massive increase in power when used like this, so make sure you use this method.


When OSRS gold is on your mind, the Barrows is a great minigame to take part in. You are looking at making around 1,000,000 GP every hour if you are lucky enough. What’s more, if you have an Ironman account, you can get some valuable sets here for your gear, such as Verac’s set and Guthan’s set. Plus, the runes that you get here can either be turned into profit for you to sell OSRS gold if you choose to, and you can use them to train Magic if you are on an Ironman account also.

The Blast Furnace

This particular minigame is more if you are looking to level up your Smithing rather than getting rewards. If it is XP you want, then take Gold Smith Gauntlets and Gold Ore. This will see you getting on 300,000 XP for Smithing every hour, and you will be hard-pressed to find a method that is quicker. You can make some decent OSRS gold here too when reaching higher levels, looking upwards of 400k GP per hour.

Tears of Guthix

Meanwhile, this minigame is more focused on your OSRS skills. Specifically, in this case, your lowest stat. If you do have a skill that you have favored the least out of all the ones that you are training, then the Tears of Guthix can give it a much-needed boost. The amount of XP that you earn depends entirely on how many tears you get when playing the actual minigame. If you can get your lowest stat above level 30, they are looking at gaining 60 XP for every tear that you get. Skills like Hunter and Runecrafting are often the lowest stat for many players due to their methods of OSRS leveling.

These are just five of the best minigames that you can get involved with. There are options for you to buy OSRS gold if you choose to, but there isn’t really much need with these minigames. They are also a very effective way for you to level up your character. Not only do these minigames offer rewards, but they can be great methods of improving your overall gameplay with skills and OSRS gold.

Have you tried any of these OSRS minigames? Let us know in the comments section below!