Male participants have always characterized Action-adventure games. However, Tomb Raider is an exciting adventure with a female character as the main actor. The video game premiered in the late ’90s with Rhona Mitra as the official Lara Croft. Lara croft is always in a tight fighting costume, ready to strike and attack the enemies. Her curvy body in the excellent fit costume is what makes headlines on the screens and also makes the entire game very interesting and attractive to play.

Tomb Raider Gameplay

In this video game, you will experience the basic setup of the original adventure of Tom Raider. As you move through this game, you will discover exciting things. These include the new weapons that can do anything to your enemies, extra moves to attack and defend quickly, a set of vehicles that work perfectly in various situations. You can choose the vehicle according to the terrain during your adventurous fight.

While playing, you will notice that Lara is now able to climb ladders and even perform mid-air roll and land while facing the opposite direction. Some of the advanced weapons Lara can use in the battle include the harpoon gun, a grenade launcher, an M16 Rifle where Lara assumes the aiming stance, and fires easing towards the target. Additionally, there are automatic pistols available that replace the magnums.

Furthermore, Lara can now fight even in the dark corners since the game includes excellent quality pyrotechnic flares that light up the dark corners. There are two special vehicles in the game. They are motorboats and snowmobiles. They can move at greater speeds and even speed on ramps and run over enemies. When it comes to the time, you have to use the vehicle, ensure it’s the correct timing so that you can travel at high speeds, and use it maximum to execute your mission.

Completing Tomb Raider

This game has an objective of you reaching the exit. You must fight and get out of the jungle. Remember that the fight is never easy and hence the need to work smart as you choose the right weapons and also during your moves. Previously, secrets used to reward your efforts with ammunition and other powerful weapons. However, your Lara now has the task of collecting a secret marked by a colorful dragon ornament. The dragons come in silver, jade, and gold appearances. They come about in their levels of difficulty to get them.

When Lara collects all the three dragons at that level, she receives a bonus. This bonus consists of mudpacks and ammunition. Also, there is an infrequently new weapon added. This gives Lara the power to fight well at the next level.

Tomb Raider Versions

This game was released for Windows 95, Macintosh, and PlayStation. The three versions feature slight differences. When you load the PlayStation versions, you will see the picture of the current county with the levels loading. The Mac version has a similar loading bar with the same style font in the entire game. Lastly, the PC version is straightforward and lacks the loading screens.

You can download the different versions separately. The Playstation 3 version is found via the PlayStation Network store. The Mac one is sold via the Mac App Store. The PC version is at, where you get full directions on how to download and play the game.

Why you need Tomb Raider

  • This is the best adventure game and ranks among the top globally
  • It features the best sceneries, and the kid of weapons used by Lara is quite amazing
  • The controls are updated, and more moves added to make the entire gaming experience excellent.
  • The type has various versions for your gadgets. We have the PlayStation type, the PC and the Mac. This gives you the option to choose the suitable type according to your playing needs.
  • You get rewarded after completing the levels, and this boosts your forthcoming levels
  • Very entertaining and has the best graphics to mimic the real Lara

The Downsides

As much as this is the best adventure game you can have on your devices, you will still buy it. If you thought it was free, then it’s not. However, investing in this adventurous game is a plus since you get endless entertainment, and moving through the levels as you win is the joy of the game. Also, you get the opportunity to enjoy using the dreaded weapons crushing your enemies in the jungle.


Can you play the Rhona Mitra Lara Croft Model as a group?

Well, it’s majorly enjoyed as a single player against the attackers. This allows you to explore the tricks you will use against your attackers.

What is the goal of the game?

When playing this game, the ultimate goal is to clear the levels and avoid being killed. When you clear the levels, you get a reward with bonus points. Besides, you get ammunition for upgraded defecting skills.

Can the game work on all my devices?

Well, the game works on most of your devices. You can use the Playstation version, the Mac version, and also the PC version. All of them are available online for download.

Who is Rhona Mitra Lara Croft Model?

The storyline behind Rhona is an actress who has successfully participated in movies and series. She worked perfectly in Tomb Raider. The game, therefore, involves her as a character to bring out the real action as you play the game.

Is this game necessary? Well, the only answer to this question is yes. As you work through a challenging time, you might require some time to relax. Having the game is an added advantage. You will tour the jungle and fight many battles. This game is ideal for all ages and has the best scenes to keep you playing.

Visit the specific online section where you can download the game and install it on your devices after that enjoy your constant entertainment.