It may look a bit odd to search for a reason to have a hobby. It’s fun, isn’t it enough? But except being fun, hobbies have lots of other qualities that may persuade you to have one or two even during the study. Students need them the most and that’s why.

1. Recreation is an important part of life

The idea of a work-life balance was invented for a reason. No one can study, eat, sleep, work, and study again. We understand that sometimes it can be hard even to read for your assignment, as you don’t have enough rest to have dedication for what you have to do for your study.

We, as humans, need some meaningful and rewarding work to feel that we are capable, worthy, and generally awesome. Sometimes it’s hard for our brain to associate the A grade or the passed test with reward. What do we get from that weird letter A? Can it feed us, entertain us, or please us in any other way? Our primal brain doesn’t think so.

On the other hand, hobbies give us an instant reward. A cosplay suit? Awesome, just look at these people who look at you! A stuffed toy? It’s soft and cozy and you may cuddle with it. An Arduino robot? It behaves like it’s alive, aren’t you cool, dear maker of it? These feelings give us a tremendous amount of energy, positive emotions, and will to do something less pleasant, study, for instance.

2. Hobby teaches to set goals and achieve them

The study also does it, but in much, much less interesting way. The study goals are based on punishment. If you don’t pass the test you won’t be graded, you won’t get your certificate and you’ll have to pass it again. If your teacher is particularly nasty, you may be scolded in the process too. But hobby goals are based on reward. If you do this awesome thing, you’ll have this awesome thing and the legal reason to boast and be proud. Sounds much cooler, right?

But you still set goals and achieve them. By doing so you hardwire your brain to finish tasks, break them into parts, and then complete those parts, one by one. This consistency is a skill that may be improved. A hobby allows us to do it naturally and have a great time in the process. Later this skill may be used wherever you want, even if the task is half not as pleasant as doing your hobby project.

3. Community means friends and support

Sometimes the common interests become a common ground for very different people from all over the world. It works even better when the hobby is rare and unusual. Hobby communities are usually very warm and encouraging places (the jerks happen, but they happen everywhere, we are talking about the general situation). They can boost your self-esteem, they will give you advice and gently push you to continue and improve yourself further.

There are even cases of hobby talks turning true friendship. The support and care may easily extend beyond the common interest. Your hobby friends may help you just because they love you and want you to be happy. Hobby forums were places where lost things were found, shelters were given, funds for study or treatment were raised for the friends in need. We don’t encourage you to hope for it seriously – but really, the talks that started as simple chat may become such a deep bond. This chance is worth trying, isn’t it?

4. It can give you an unexpected career turn

Sometimes, a hobby may suddenly start to bring you money. Sometimes – even bigger money than your original work. Think about J. K. Rowling with her Harry Potter saga or about these successful guys and gals on Etsy selling their crafts. They all started with different professions and different careers, but they turned their hobbies into business and won.

Sometimes, the boost of your career doesn’t mean to change it to a hobby completely. If the things you love doing are somewhat connected to your main profession, you may extend your job possibilities by inventing a witty connection between hobby, experience, and education. Are you a tabletop gamer?

Welcome to commercial storytelling as a great addition to your SMM skills! Do you love making robots? The IT industry is looking forward to seeing you as a low-level programming language expert. Cosplay is your second hidden life? What about costume design for movies and theatres in addition to general sewing?

A hobby is a great source of joy, energy, and possibilities. Actually, any hobby is. There is nothing shameful to have one, even if some vile souls will call you a nerd for it. It’s your life, your right to enjoy this life in a way you want to. Time to discover your inner talent!