Businesses Should Switch to Internet Faxing

There are a surprising number of businesses that still use traditional fax machines as a form of communication. This is a huge limitation for businesses and shows a lack of vision or willingness to adapt to changing times. As the saying goes, “adapt or face extinction.”

Internet faxing bridges the gap between traditional faxing and email for more effective communication with customers and vendors. Here are some compelling reasons why your business should make the switch.

Better for Remote Work

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses can no longer afford to ignore the shift toward a remote workforce. Those businesses that didn’t already have adaptations in place were faced with a loss in productivity and a loss in profits when the global pandemic hit.

Internet faxing services like eFax allow you to send and receive documents from anywhere, at any time. This functionality is integral not only for client communications but for hiring employees and adapting policies as well.

Easier Organization

The traditional fax machine and printer combo is a generally chaotic area in an office setting. It’s too easy for faxes to get overlooked or mixed in with other paperwork. As a result, important faxes get whisked away to other offices and lost in piles of paperwork, causing costly delays and risking the sharing of sensitive information. Even when the right person gets their fax, it’s just another piece of paper to be filed away.

With electronic faxing, you can find what you’re looking for with the click of a button. You can type in a few keywords or filters to find your fax based on the sender or date it was received. This feature makes it easier to stay organized and access information almost instantly.

Streamlined Business Practices

Using a virtual fax system will help you create streamlined business practices and increase efficiency. Online faxes can easily be transferred to cloud storage so that all team members can access the information as needed. This will cut back on emails back and forth and prevent delays based on scheduling differences.

Online faxing also streamlines the contract signing process with new customers and invoicing, getting you paid faster and improving the cash flow. When it comes to business practices, time is money. The less time is wasted, the more productive and efficient the workplace, and the better the bottom line.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Using online faxing also has various cost-saving implications to consider. While your business will have to pay for an online faxing service, that subscription will be significantly less than purchasing and maintaining a fax machine.

In addition to the expense of purchasing a new machine, you’ll also have to restock paper and toner, as well as paying for a maintenance person when problems inevitably arise. With online faxing, you pay an affordable monthly subscription that includes customer support.

More Reliable than Traditional Fax

Nothing is more frustrating when trying to send a fax and getting a busy signal. This experience isn’t uncommon during peak business hours or seasons. While newer fax machines generally have an auto-redial feature, people are still forced to wait for things to go through.

When you use internet faxing, you experience less risk of bogged down systems and rejected calls. There’s no risk of a paper jam or running out of toner in the middle of printing an important document. In other words, online faxing is more reliable than traditional faxing.

Final Thoughts

Technology is in a constant state of evolution. For businesses to succeed in such a climate, they must be malleable and open to new processes. Switching from traditional faxing to online faxing will result in streamlined communication and better business practices for the modern marketplace.