Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the finest online shooting video games. It came into existence in 2015 under Ubisoft. This multiplayer game focuses on extensive shooting situations where the Rainbow six siege protects the victims, gears up for intense missions, and so on.

Entering this game is the new member of the Six Seige, Frost. She was added to the team as defending operator under operation Black Ice in the year 2015. Frost is an excellent trap maker. She comes with a new set of gadgets, weapons, and exclusive tricks, and strategies. It is crucial to know every trick to make the best out of Frost.

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Here are 10 tips to ace the game that you must know:

1. Play slow with Frost around

It is imperative to understand that Frost is two-speed and just two armored strategic operators. She cannot work wonders in high or close range medium from the subject and also cannot face three armor attacks for a long time.

Play her slow and make her wind up her traps for the enemies. Well, no one can sneak up on her once they are caught in her wired traps!

2. Pair her up with Lesion

The best way to handle a slow operator is to pair her up with another defense operator who can protect her and add flair to her traps. The Lesion is one such operator who can add his traps to Frost’s welcome mats and swiftly defeat the opponents.

He can handle extra gear and also provide weapons to Frost at any time.

3. Place the mats near any hidden areas

The most obvious place to put a mat is the doorway, but the place the opponent won’t see is the windows, doorways, and staircase. The opponent will quickly get trapped and lose his health. Place the welcome mats in smaller doorways to block the entire region and make it hard for the player.

4. 9MM-C1 is your call

Frost’s most powerful weapon is 9MM-C1 SMG. Learn all the gears and keys for the gun to utilize Frost’s greatest strength in competitions. The weapon provides extended barrel attachment, which aids in killing enemies from a longer distance.

5. Do not use explosives near the traps

If you use explosives near the welcome mats, the mats will disappear and be wasted. It would help if you remain careful not to destroy Frost’s mats with explosives. Place the mats when the enemies are out of explosives in closed areas.

6. Use Mk1 9mm pistol

After 9MM-C1, the Mk1 9mm pistol is the best choice for a secondary weapon. Frost can kill the opponents very swiftly and silently with this pistol. It would be best if you achieved the silencer to make swift and appropriate killings. Frost can kill her trapped victims quickly with this weapon.

7. Wear a dark gear

Frost is a small character, but she needs to wear darker gear to hide right next to her traps to kill swiftly. Even though she has colorful and stylish gear, it is easy to camouflage with darker gear and hide precisely.

8. Stay close to the traps

Once the welcome mats are put in, Frost needs to stay close and patiently wait for her enemies to get trapped. If you are playing Frost, don’t roam around the map, you might lose a chance to kill your opponents. The welcome mats need to be placed closely, and Frost needs to hide in the middle of them.

9. Smoke can be the best partner

Smoke is a powerful ally when it comes to trapping enemies. He can indulge vast amounts of poison gas that can easily be paired with Frost’s welcome mats. To make this work, Frost needs to be strategic in placing the mats, after which Smoke can blaze the area.

10. Hide your trap

The best way to make the enemy step into the welcome mat is to blend it with the atmosphere. Frost must use barbed wire to hide the traps and make it difficult for the opponents to see the trap. This way, the enemies can easily be trapped and killed in a blink of an eye.


Rainbow Six Siege: Frost is an intense and very logical game. It needs precise game planning and an understanding of every player’s strengths and weaknesses. Mix match the characteristics of the other 5 with Frost’s to make the best out of her abilities. Now that you know the best tricks, go and win the game!