The Hawaiian tropical climate and laid-back Pacific Island vibe are just a few of the things that make it so unique. These islands, which are perched on enormous volcanic mountaintops that protrude out into the sea, offer a diverse and stunning terrain that ranges from the harsh lunar surface of the Kilauea volcano to lush green forests brimming with exotic flora.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, here are a few places that you should not miss on your trip. These sites are not only extremely exotic but quite beautiful with a wonderful touch of nature. Read On!

1.USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor


The USS Arizona Memorial at Honolulu’s Pearl Harbor is the top tourist attraction in the Hawaiian Islands. Every year, almost 2+ million Americans and tourists from across the world come to the Arizona Memorial to observe where WWII commenced for America. The USS Arizona Memorial, USS Utah Memorial, USS Oklahoma Memorial, and sites inside Battleship Row and Ford Island are all located at Pearl Harbor.

2.The North Shore Oahu


The geographic area between West Oahu’s Kaena Point and East Oahu’s Kahuku Point is known as the North Shore of Oahu. During the winter, the North Shore is known for its larger-than-life waves, stunning beaches, and drawing surfers from all over the world. Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Banzai Pipeline are all popular North Shore surf locations (Ehukai Beach).

If you plan to visit this place during the winter season, be sure to carry the necessary cold-friendly clothes. This will help you to concentrate more on enjoying your travel rather than worrying about the climate.

3.Waikiki Beach


Waikiki is Hawaii’s most popular tourist destination, with its gorgeous stretch of beachfront beach. Waikiki is a Honolulu suburb known for its large resorts, eating, partying, and shopping.

The Waikiki Historic Trail has historic markers constructed of surfboards, which were inspired by Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic gold medalist swimmer and passionate surfer from Waikiki.

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4.Hanauma Bay


Hanauma Harbor, formed within the crater of a volcano on the island of Oahu, is a unique sheltered bay that has always been popular with snorkelers. Following pollution and damage to the fragile coral ecology caused by misuse, restoration efforts have returned the bay to its former glory, and it is now available to guests.

At the park’s kiosk, you may rent life jackets and snorkeling gear, among other things. It might be difficult to get a parking place in the pay lot during the winter since the maximum car lot fills up rapidly. The park charges a per-person admission for individuals aged 12 and above, however, Hawaii residents are admitted for free.

Giving frozen peas to tropical fish was formerly a popular tourist attraction; however, this activity is no longer permitted. In addition, all first-time visitors must view a 9-minute film about marine life, safety guidelines, and conservation in order to protect the region for coming generations. So, you need to adhere to them!

5.Haleakala National Park


Haleakala National Park, which is located on Maui, provides access to the dormant Haleakala Volcano, which reaches over 10,000 feet. The peak offers panoramic views of the whole island, which are especially stunning at daybreak.

Other sections of the park are covered in subtropical rainforests, which are habitats to at-risk species, while the dormant crater is uncovered, revealing a lunar-like environment. Visitors may wander the various hiking paths at their leisure or sign up for ranger-led excursions, and the more daring can spend the evening in the park, which is encircled by one of Hawaii’s most stunning scenery.

6.Hana Road


Hana Road, also known as Hana Roadway, is a picturesque 52-mile length of highway on Maui’s island that travels from Pia via lush forests and along the coast to the isolated hamlet of Hana. The views to see along the gorgeous journey, the things to do along the route, and the tour to the town itself make this trip rewarding. Numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, beautiful views, and beaches may be found along the road.

7.Hamakua Heritage Corridor


On the Big Island of Hawaii, this picturesque route along the Hamakua Coast runs from Hilo to the Waipio Valley Lookout. Along the route, there are numerous notable Big Island sites, as well as beautiful views of the shoreline and the region’s lush scenery, making this a perfect touring tour.

A Pacific view at Laupahoehoe Point, hiking at the Kalopa State Recreation Area, and the charming village of Honokaa are among the other sights along the road. The trip comes to a close at the Waipio Valley Lookout, which was formerly home to King Kamehameha.

The Bottom Line

Hawaii has a lot of beautiful sceneries that you can visit and have a good time. While at it, ensure that you keep yourself hydrated, especially if you plan to go hike a lot. It helps to keep you from passing out. Have fun!