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The United Kingdom has a long history of gambling (from physical establishments, continuing in the online space to free spins no deposit non gamstop on smartphones), and to this day, it is one of the most profitable markets in the world. The U.K. Gambling Commission is the government body responsible for overseeing and regulating all legal gambling activities in the U.K. Formed under the Gambling Act of 2005. The UKGC has become one of the most respected gambling authorities in Europe.

U.K. casino sites are very popular these days. At first, U.K. casinos offered only a few simple games, but technological advances in software have led to more interesting, exciting, and adventurous slot machine games and offerings.

Most U.K. casino sites offer a wide range of slot machine bonuses and are the most popular around the world, so it is no surprise that slot bonuses are among the most common types of casino bonuses. When you visit the best-licensed casino sites in the U.K. that are fully licensed and regulated, you will notice that they offer a great selection of games and have great deposit bonuses as well as safe to play.

High Roller U.K.

When looking for a high roller casino website in the U.K., you have to consider your priorities. Gamblers usually take into consideration three important factors:

  • Reputation;
  • VIP privileges;
  • Security.

A high roller or VIP gambler is a player who lives in another dimension. His lifestyle is usually extravagant or reckless. Spending 10 to 100 thousand a week at the casino is like spending an average of 20 pounds a week for a regular player. For this reason, online casinos will treat high rollers like a king. Additional perks can be awarded to the VIP player in the form of hospitality events, special promotions, exclusive prizes such as luxury vacations around the world, and more.

Live Casino

Live casino is commonplace at most reputable online casinos catering to U.K. players. The most successful services are those that give the player the best possible live gaming experience found at any reputable land-based casino.

The most common games included in this service are table games such as:

  • BlackJack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker.

Free spins for U.K. players

U.K. casino bonuses and free spins, like all other promotions and free spins from all other online casino operators, are specifically designed to be easy and simple to collect or activate.

Looking at the online casino industry today, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it is certainly one of the most competitive and financially profitable industries on the planet, and there are now a record number of active casinos with an increasing number of players.

Protecting players

The creation of the commission has enormous benefits for consumers. The Code of Fair Play laws has been strictly enforced since the passage of the 2005 Act. The U.K. has one of the most heavily regulated gambling markets in the world. Unlike some other jurisdictions, the U.K. market is well regulated and open.

Considering the profitability of the U.K. for operators and the potential fines for rule violations, online casino game providers comply with licensing requirements. This gives players a huge selection of safe games on U.K. online casino sites from trusted providers.

The 2005 law took into account the role of online casinos, but by 2014, the ruling Conservative government decided that new gambling regulations were needed. Before then, online casinos outside the U.K. could legally advertise and provide their services to British players as long as they were based in the EEA.

The 2014 changes refocused licensing requirements on the point of consumption. If the end-users are in the U.K., the supplier must hold one or more licenses from the Commission in order to advertise. The new law also imposed a 15% tax on total gambling profits from U.K. residents.

The new requirements introduced are aimed at giving online casino customers better tools to monitor their own gambling practices. They include giving players easy access to their accounts, gambling, and transaction history. Consumers can see their deposits and winnings and set limits on their spending in various ways. Many of these provisions already existed as responsible gaming guidelines, but they are now part of licensing requirements.

The future of gambling in England

The future of gambling law in Britain depends on many factors, such as Brexit and who is in power. If Britain leaves the E.U., there may be a need for negotiations over interstate gambling regulation.

Nevertheless, current British gambling laws for online casinos in this country have the advantage of providing their services in other European markets. Current members of the Labor Party have expressed a desire to further restrict online casino gambling, proposing restrictions on betting and a ban on credit card payments. Some politicians welcomed such proposals, while others warned that such actions could encourage players to turn away from legal online casino sites.


Online casinos in the U.K. are great places for any British player and visitors from any other country. These are the kinds of resources that offer the most amazing gambling opportunities, solid state-level player protection, and of course, great bonuses.