Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active component of the cannabis plant that is used to promote good health. It doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, so there’s no “high” associated with it.

While we’re still learning about the benefits of CBD, it’s already available to purchase. You can find it online or at smoke shops and businesses that specialize in CBD products. It’s rapidly growing in popularity, so it’s starting to become more widespread.

If you’re interested in trying CBD, there are a variety of products to explore. Keep reading on to learn about some of them!

1. CBD-Infused Gum

Do you always keep a piece of gum on you for chewing or freshening your breath? Consider dipping your toes into the CBD world with infused gum.

It’s convenient and discreet for carrying around on the go. Most brands offer it in peppermint or spearmint flavors, but you might find fruity-tasting ones too.

2. CBD Oil

A versatile product to try is CBD oil. It gets extracted from plant parts, like hemp biomass. The extraction then gets combined with a base or carrier oil.

There are a variety of CBD oil uses, but it depends on the kind you get.

Some oils are meant for topical use only, so they’re for massaging into the skin. Others are for ingesting alone or mixing with food and drinks. If you’re open to smoking, you can find CBD oil for vaping.

3. Topical CBD

If you’re looking for CBD products for relaxing, there isn’t anything better than topicals. These include creams, lotions, and oils for the body.

When you’re having a tough day, a massage with a topical CBD product will put you right at ease. Some creams even include a cooling effect that soothes sore muscles.

4. CBD Edibles

Foodies will love trying edibles with CBD! These fun CBD products are perfect for snacking on while also promoting relaxation. Chances are, you might even find your favorite snack with a CBD-infused version.

Some of the most popular kinds are gummy candies and baked goods. If you’re lucky, you might find chips, chocolate bars, or honey. There’s even such a thing as CBD-infused beverages, like soda, coffee, and tea.

5. Cosmetics With CBD

If you’re looking for unique or odd CBD products, check out the cosmetic industry! Many brands are starting to release beauty products infused with it.

Some of the most popular choices in skincare are lip balms, facial creams, and face masks. You can also find CBD makeup, with options like mascara or infused pigments and powders.

For cosmetic CBD products for anxiety support, look into bath bombs. You’ll get a calming bath as the infused bath bomb starts to dissolve!

Try Out Some CBD Products

As the popularity of CBD grows across the country, you might be interested in experimenting with some CBD products. There are countless different types to try, so do some research to find what works best for you.

If you’d like to learn more about CBD, check out some other articles on our website. From its properties to its benefits, we have the resources you need.