Movies have a great influence on our lives. Because when we watch movies we get involved in them so deeply that it remains in our mind for a long time. Apart from entertainment movies are also made to teach people about the world. So why not watch some movies that can help you understand something that is beneficial for your future.

Don’t you think this is a good idea? I guess you must have heard about the buzzword bitcoin and blockchain, right? Have you ever wanted to know about that stuff? In fact, these concepts are very complex to understand but they are necessary for our future. So having a basic idea about them is a good thing. So, to help you with this, I will be sharing some of my favorite movies on bitcoin and blockchain.

Movies on Bitcoin and Blockchain

If you are new to the bitcoin world, then starting with a movie can motivate you to learn more about the concept. Now here is my favorite list of movies that you must watch to start your learning.

In case you have less time at your hand, here I have summarized the article. You can read the full article if you want to go in detail.

  • Trust Machine- The Story of Blockchain: This is a great movie to start with the concept of blockchain. Understanding blockchain technology can help you in many ways.
  • Bitcoin-The End of Money as We Know It: This movie emphasizes the most popular digital currency bitcoin and tells how the current currency system is going to be replaced by cryptocurrencies.
  • Life on Bitcoin: It is an interesting movie where you will enjoy how life can be without any conventional financial system.
  • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin; This is a movie on the success story of bitcoin.
  • Banking on Bitcoin: This movie shows the impact of bitcoin mainly on the banking system.

If your goal is to invest or trade in bitcoin or in other cryptocurrencies, you should learn more about the concepts from online courses or blogs. Now let us know about the movies in detail.

Trust Machine- The Story of Blockchain

Have you heard about the term “blockchain”? I guess you must have heard it somewhere or found it on the internet. If you want to know what exactly blockchain is, then watch this movie. You can easily understand about blockchain and its utility. Blockchain is not only for crypto or bitcoin transactions, it is used in different industries. Starting from finance to healthcare it has wide applications in every industry.

Bitcoin-The End of Money as We Know It

How will be a world without cash? Have you ever imagined how society will be without money?

Many financial experts say that the use of cash transactions will gradually decrease and people will make transactions in digital currencies. This 60-minute movie will show you how the future of money will look like.

Life on Bitcoin

Like, “Bitcoin- The End of Money as We Know It” this movie also gives an epic story where you will find how life will be without any banks and cash. A must-watch movie for beginners. I am sure you will enjoy and learn about the future of money form the movie.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This is a movie for traders and investors which shows how bitcoin has brought a revolution in the digital currency world. If you want to invest in bitcoin then watch this movie it will help you understand the fundamentals of the most demanding digital currency “bitcoin”. You can use financial system to earn money from trading or investing in bitcoin.

Banking on Bitcoin

This movie shows how bitcoin can impact the banking system and shows how the future banks will look like. This is also a must-watch movie for everyone who belongs to the banking industry.