According to many financial experts, cryptocurrencies are going to be the future of money. As everyone needs money for their survival so it is essential for understanding cryptocurrencies. To be honest, cryptocurrencies are a complex concept. Let me give you a real example, to give a brief idea about what cryptocurrencies are and they work.

Have you ever downloaded movies using a torrent file? Do you know how that works? It works in a peer-to-peer network where file-sharing happens. Now the technology behind cryptocurrencies also works in a similar manner where cryptocurrencies are a security code in the network. But you can’t understand it properly unless you spend some time to learn them from an authentic source.

The buzzword cryptocurrency has become popular after the success of bitcoin. You may have heard that people are earning millions and billions from bitcoin. But without proper understanding, you shouldn’t invest in them. To become a successful you need to learn about cryptocurrencies first. Here are some reliable sources that will help you learn and earn some crypto cash.

Reliable Sources to Learn About Cryptocurrencies

You can learn about cryptocurrencies in many ways by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, following online Crypto Head communities, etc. But how can you learn them properly? Definitely, you need some authentic and reliable sources to have a grasp of the crypto world, right? So to help you with this I am sharing some easy ways from which you can learn.

Online Courses on Crypto

If you are genuinely interested to learn about crypto then the best way is to enroll an online course. Because you will get well-organized content that can improve your understanding and keep you motivated. You can measure your progress in the course and become a professional in the field. Anyways, there are many platforms that offer online courses, here I have listed some of the top platforms.

  • Udemy: Have you ever done any course on Udemy? This is one of my favorite platforms that offers diversified online courses on business, marketing, art, technology, etc. This platform also offers you some courses from basic to advance levels. You can take up a course from Udemy on the blockchain or on the digital currencies.
  • EdX: Similar to Udemy, EdX is also a great platform to learn about different topics. This also offers you many courses but it is more inclined towards IT, programming, engineering, coding, technology, etc. You can learn about cryptos from EdX too.
  • Coursera: This is also another learning platform like Udemy and EdX but with different topics. You can also learn a course from Coursera on virtual currencies.
  • IBM: One of the tech giants in the world IBM is investing in the research and development of blockchain and digital currencies. It also provides advanced courses on cryptocurrencies. So, you can learn from there and have a good understanding of the concept.

Blogs on Crypto

You will find more than a thousand blogs that provide information on crypto and you may get confused about which one to follow. So here I have listed 3 of the most popular ones and they provide authentic information.

  • CCN: If you want to know the current news and trends about crypto then you can follow this blog to learn from it.
  • Coinbase: Coinbase is also one of the reliable and authentic blogs on cryptos, you can learn from this blog about basics and different concepts on cryptos.
  • CoinDesk: This is used by many professionals and organizations; it provides you the list of crypto tokens and news about them.

Movies and Games on Cryptocurrencies

If you want to learn in a more interesting way, then movies and games are the best places to start.

  • Movies: There are many documentaries and movies on crypto, blockchain and Bitcoin energy usage. You can watch Life on Bitcoin, Banking on Bitcoin, etc.
  • Games: Some popular games can help you learn about digital currencies and earn some virtual cash. Privateers Life, Crypotkitties are some exciting games on crypto.