There is a lot of misconception about playing online games, with many people believing that it’s all a scam. However, many others know that the activity can also make you money.

Although you may not become an overnight millionaire with these games, you have an opportunity to make a decent living out of it, but only when you do it right.

Game Apps are a few of the methods that you can use to succeed, and we have highlighted some of the best in the market in 2021. Here is the list:


This is the most common of all game apps, and it’s an app that provides several earning methods.

You can get this app from iPhone, Android, or, and it doesn’t cost anything to play the games. However, you will occasionally come across some that have cash entry costs.

The points that you earn can be redeemed gift cards and other rewards.

In their games’ hub, you will find several categories that include Cash Games. If you are confident enough, you can go for the player-vs-player competitions that come with some cash prizes.

You can also earn some Swagbucks points by downloading and playing some games on your smartphone.


This app is easily accessible via iOS, Android, as well as on

MyPoints has a lot of similarities to Swagbucks, and you will earn some rewards by taking surveys, playing games, as well as watching videos.

However, this app mainly focuses on earning money each time you shop. Actually, for every shopping that you do at a partner’s retail store, MyPoints will reward you with up to 40% points.


Currently, the app can only be accessed on Android, and it will reward you when you play different games using your smartphone.

A list of games is available on the app, and from the list, you can pick any. Once you download it, you can go ahead and play and start earning rewards.

Mistplay offers rewards in three currencies (GXP, PXP, and Units). PXP,

Publishers Clearing House

An app that you can get on iPhone, Android, or, Publishers Clearing House serves people in various sectors, but the most common is in-play games.

It is a little different from others by the fact that the app does not guarantee rewards.

However, as you play the games, the app gives you entries into their giveaways and contests.

Some of these giveaways include online scratch-off /instant win games (could be worth thousands of dollars), or multi-million-dollar drawings.

Long Game

Another great gaming app that you can access via an iPhone or Android.

Long Game is quite unique, and it will reward you for playing games. There are various ways through which you can earn rewards.

One is by depositing money to the Long Game savings account, where the app will reward you with some coins.

Once you redeem these points, the app will enter you into sweepstakes. Alternatively, you can play different games within the app.

These games will reward you with cash prizes, but only if you are good at what you do.


Givling is a trivia app that you can get on both iPhone and Android. It will reward you with cash rewards and you will love it more if you have student debt.

Their app offers rewards via two way which are daily trivia games (up to two times a day) and playing daily games that accumulate points.

Givling operates more like a lottery/sweepstake, meaning that the app does not offer any guarantee on payouts.


Mobile apps are one of the most recognized industries, and a lot of sectors have fully embraced them as a source of both revenue, and convenience.

In gaming, you can embrace the technology to enjoy some fun, and even make some profits.

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