Even if your spheres of interest have nothing in common, the chances you haven’t heard at least once about League of Legends are minimal. Moreover, this world’s most popular esports is only gaining momentum and conquer new fans both from the arena of betting on League of Legends and genuine match participants. Without a doubt, every willing party will find something unique and attractive in this case.

The game was published back in 2009, and it may seem there is nothing new about it. Don’t jump to conclusions — even if you are a genuine fan, some things are likely to remain undetected. It is never too late to increase your awareness of the solution that captivates the attention of millions of gamers.

Unexpected Origin

To say that League of Legends and Dota 2 are rivals isn’t enough — that is a long-standing process. It is hardly ever to define who the winner is. But in reality, they are even more interconnected than it seems. Believe it or not, the simple truth is that they owe their creation to one and the same person — Steve Feak. So when you see Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse and Guinsoo’s Rageblade in two games, it is not a coincidence.

If you think that is one more thing to be amazed about — World of Warcraft inspired the creators of League of Legends. Of course, it wasn’t an instant process, but League of Legends is a moba solution that is definitely not worse than lots of alternatives. By different means, it is ahead of the competition.

Relatives Are Everywhere

Humans are believed to have the exact origin and be relatives, but what about game characters? If you think that League of Legends’ characters are just friends, allies, or rivals, it is high time to discover the following — lots of them are true relatives by blood. Katarina and Cassiopeia, Garen and Lux, Morgana and Kayle are game heroes who can’t help but amaze myriads of fans. There is another connection between them — all of the mentioned personas (there are more of them) are siblings.

At the same time, League of Legends will tell you more about fathers and daughters (like in the case of Kassadin and Kai’sa) or something more mysterious like the story of three sisters’ reincarnation.

Major Esports

League of Legends has experienced a long path till the moment this activity is considered a valuable esports discipline. It is played not just for fun for a reason — over the years, its tournaments have brought nearly twenty million dollars to its winners, which makes it more advantageous than success chances for CS:GO fans. When it comes to betting, recommendations for League of Legends’ enthusiasts and CSGO bet advice aren’t significantly different — knowing more about the game will always help you be up in arms, and that is the reason why you are here.

Easter Eggs

It would be a mistake for users to suppose the gameplay is investigated completely. With the always increasing popularity of League of Legends, first-time participants keep on appearing on the playing maps. And there will be something unknown and undiscovered yet at least for some categories of users. But if you think that only novice gamers are trapped like that, just check out if the following information is new:

  • League of Legends and Dota 2 bets may be similar in lots of perspectives. The fact they have the same origin also means some of the characters are alike — Medusa and Cassiopeia, Ursa and Warwick, Drow Ranger and Ashe.
  • 2013 is the year when Thresh was released. That is also the maximum HP of the character at the eighteen’s level (points for items excluded).
  • Shyvan, Zyra, and Fiora have absolutely different vibes, but Karen Strassman voiced them (and two more heroes).
  • If you want to grow Zyra, then hits of Leona’s sunlight will come in handy.
  • If you are looking for one extra gold, then do your best to get a kill performed by Caitlyn and Vi.
  • Having Nidalee in your squad is beneficial if other allies are weaker. Thanks to her passive ability to rework, she gives the surrounding characters five points of experience every five seconds.

Wrap It Up

Standing in the hall of fame has become a natural thing for League of Legends. This activity has achieved lots of power and success in the esports and entertainment market. Investigating more about the solution’s myriads of people adore is full of fun and amusement. Knowledge is power, but it also allows uniting ex-rivals and busts the myths and misconceptions about the beloved game around the globe.