slot machine

Online casinos are open 24/7. Anytime a player wants a game, there will be one available. Due to this, some players believe that there are certain days of the week that are better than others to play – check out Slots UK providers.

The Theory

Essentially, this theory is the belief that there is a good day of the week to play online slot games. When playing on this specific day, players will have more favorable odds and will be much more likely to win. Although not every player follows this theory, there are more than a few that do. These specific days range from early morning on weekdays all the way to unsociable hours on the weekends. Some players truly believe that by using an online slot when fewer players are likely to be online, they have a greater chance of winning. In games such as bingo, this theory is applicable, as you are competing against other players, however, it is irrelevant when it comes to online slot gaming.

Why it is not True

Although the theory is not true, there are still a large number of players who absolutely swear by it. There are a variety of factors that ensure that this theory cannot be true.

  1. The RNG – The RNG stands for return to player and it is a small piece of coding that is used within every slot machine, online and physical. Essentially, the RNG works to ensure that the outcome of a slot spin is completely random. It doesn’t take into account previous spins or what day of the week it is.
  2. You are competing against the casino – In games such as bingo, it makes sense to pre-plan when you are going to play. The fewer players online, the higher chance of getting a bingo. However, in online slot gaming, you are only competing against the casino. It doesn’t matter if there are no other players online, you will still have the same chances of winning and losing.

Other Superstitions

Many players are incredibly superstitious, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These lucky charms, myths, and sometimes odd behavior can help the player enjoy a game. There are a variety of superstitions in slot gaming in particular.

Standing up – Believe it or not, there is a common superstition that you must stand up while you play! This myth believes that the more comfortable a player is, the less likely a slot machine will be to payout.

New slots offer a better chance of winning – A commonly held superstition is that newer slots will be much more likely to payout than older ones, this is because the payouts encourage players to use them! However, there is absolutely no factual evidence behind this belief! Casinos have to make sure that their slot machines are fair and strict in awarding payouts, they cannot be rigged to favor players when they are first released.


There is no one day of the week that is better than others. This is a slot superstition!