There is no doubt that most of us spend time online each day. In fact, there were 4.39 billion internet users in 2019. This is hardly surprising given that we use the Internet for everything from shopping to keeping in touch with friends and family.

There are many fun things to do online. Let’s catch up with 10 things that people across the world are doing on the Internet right now.

Joining the iGaming revolution

People are fast joining the iGaming revolution, in countries across the globe. Whether playing at a kasinot in Finland, a казино in Russia or a casino in the UK, there is something exciting about the spin of a slot machine or a roulette wheel. Online casinos are even more popular now that security and fairness of play are such high priorities.

Googling themselves

This is a lot more fun than it might sound. It’s incredible just how many times people pop up on the Internet without them even knowing the content exists. Sometimes, people discover things that should not be there and need to take action.

Quizzing with others

Quizzing has become big news online in 2020, as people have had to stay indoors. There have been loads of Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube quizzes to join in with. It’s a great way to learn new things and meet new people.

Exploring with Google Street View

Google Street View is fun technology in Google Maps and Google Earth. People can virtually walk along streets close to where they live. It’s also possible to be more adventurous and take a look further afield. The technology was first introduced in 2007, for a few places in the US. Now, it covers countries all across the globe.

Creating memes

Memes keep us all entertained when we spend time online. The creative and funny combinations of words and images or videos are clever and enjoyable. Right now, people are creating new memes for people to enjoy. It’s not difficult to do using photoshop or technology like Imgflip’s meme generator.

Checking out the family tree

Researching ancestors may not sound like a hugely fun activity at first. However, it’s actually a really interesting thing to do and can help people to uncover a lot of surprises. There are several different sites online that can help with this type of research including,,, and

Finding love

Finding love online is something that has been popular to do for many years, and continues to be. There are several reputable dating sites like and Plenty of Fish. Dating apps like Tinder are also widely used. However, many people are now steering away from using these apps, preferring to use social media to meet people instead. Of course, it’s always important to be careful when finding love online, in order to remain safe.

Video surfing on YouTube

Most people use YouTube from time to time, to watch music, TV clips or instructional videos. One fun thing to do is spend time surfing the social media channel. This involves simply looking at the list of recommended videos at the side of the screen and choosing one. Each video that is chosen takes the viewer one more step along an unexpected journey.

Learning a new language

Languages are always useful to learn, whether they are used on vacation, in a new job, or simply as an additional skill. Sites like Babbel and Duolingo are used by people to learn languages quickly and easily. It’s a fun thing to do and helps to keep the brain active.

Watching a TED talk

The TED organization is not for profit and is dedicated to spreading ideas and creative thought. Originally TED talks concentrated on technology, entertainment, and design and they began at a 1984 conference. Today, talks can be viewed online and they cover an array of different topics.

These 10 things that people are doing online cover a range of different interests. There is something to keep everyone entertained including playing the latest casino games, meeting new people, exploring the world without leaving home, learning about great-great-grandma, and finding out something new from a subject expert.