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Oscar night is one of the biggest events of the year, as celebrities flood a venue and get to find out who won big time and who lost.  Although most people will never attend the Oscars in person, getting to create a party based around them is the second-best option!  

These are the top things you should include in your Oscar night party to ensure that it’s the night of the year!

Have Fun Dressing Up

Set a dress code for your guests!  When you start planning your party, let people know as early as possible that there will be a dress code.  This doesn’t have to be actual expensive clothing; people could dress up in ridiculous expensive-looking outfits for fun, but having the Oscar look is important.  Of course, it’s far easier for men to look Oscar-ready, but everyone should have fun with this.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

When guests are arriving, have a red carpet rolled out from your front door!  If you want to take it further, hire photographers, or consider taking photos yourself of people as they enter the party.  This will make for a fun memory for everyone since it adds a touch of the magic the real event has.  

Make sure you have an area for people to put their coats or more intricate parts of their costumes or outfits they don’t want to carry around.

Make Drinks Themed on the Potential Winners

Create a drink menu themed around the different nominees.  These should be tongue-in-cheek and funny.  If you can’t think of any themed drinks, try googling options close to the night of the event.  There are bound to be tons of drink ideas that pop up the closer you get to Oscar night.  If you want to throw a dry party, you can still offer non-alcoholic drinks that are themed!  Make sure people know it’s all non-alcoholic.

Have People Cast their Votes

Create ballot stations where people can cast their votes on which movies and celebrities should win which award.  You can count the votes and reveal the winners throughout the night.

If you want to make this even more fun, consider offering voting booths for things like ‘best dressed’ and ‘most likely to leave early for party guests.

Add Some Glamor to the Night

Hiring famous impersonators from your area can add a touch of fun and whimsy that your party would need otherwise.  There’s nothing like having a celebrity look-alike play along into the theme to make the night feel a little more magical.  A good ratio is one celebrity impersonator to every fifty people.  Any more than this, and you could overwhelm the party and make it impossible to tell who’s a guest and who’s an Elvis impersonator.  Try to find performers acting as celebrities that are in the modern eye.

Your Oscar Night Should Be a Showstopper

Although you aren’t handing out little gold statues, your Oscar night should still be a night to remember!  Consider putting some of these options into action, and you’ll create a party unlike any other.