Making a flow chart is a great way to make messy data easily understandable. It helps you gain control of the process, create structure and uncover what does not work. Moreover, it is highly effective in visualizing the connections between different elements. Flow charts are also called flowcharts or flow diagrams. A change of name means a change in style, but it all refers to a piece of paper or a slide with information arranged in a clear and logical order. There could be various reasons for designing a flow chart, but it will always help to understand things better.

A flow chart template can be used in business, science, education, and manufacturing. The main purpose of creating one is to show the decision-making process. It cannot be used alone; it should be supplemented with words or images. Standard flowchart symbols are preferable when working with a large team because all team members will understand them. The steps don’t have to be linear; you can connect the main idea to the conclusion and even add loops. We collected ten smart ways in which a flow chart example can be used.

1. Process mapping

As we mentioned earlier, a flow chart helps visualize the decision-making process and the connections between different parts. Before this, you can make use of a mindmap maker to lay down all the steps involved in your processes before arranging them appropriately later on. A business owner can use it to see how many hours his employees spend on various tasks and identify the wasted time that should be eliminated. The next step would be to fix any issues and reduce costs.

2. Business strategy

Business owners can design a flow chart for their business plan to show the internal processes and the connections between different parts of the company. It might be complicated, but it’s worth it because you will know what works and what needs improvement. A correct approach to employee management is one of the most crucial issues of any business, so it’s worth investing time and thinking through.


3. Schedule planning

A flow chart can be used for planning out your schedule in advance, even if it is only a rough plan. It will help you stay on track with no surprises because you’ll see the connections between various tasks and be able to deal with them without wasting time or energy.

4. As a tool for brainstorming

The flow chart can be used as a brainstorming tool to find solutions to problems quickly and easily during the early stages of the process. You will see all possible connections between different elements, so you won’t miss any important points or forget about anything interesting. We suggest keeping it simple because too many details will only confuse you.

5. To make a workflow diagram for an essay or assignment

The flow chart can be used as a starting point for pretty much any academic paper, such as essays and assignments. The connections between main ideas will help to organize your thoughts in the right order, so all your ideas will follow each other logically and make sense to the reader. Head over to Venngage to see examples of flow charts that will make your assignment stand out.


6. To create a pyramid scheme

Flowcharts help present facts and arguments, especially when you need to make them persuasive or controversial, but they can also be used to tell stories with events working as steps in the process. You will need more than one chart for this task because you have to keep track of everything that happens, but the final effect will be worth it.

7. To create a timeline

A flowchart can be used to show events that take place over time, even if they aren’t connected. This is especially useful when you need to present historical facts or dates in your paper because it will help to organize this information correctly.

8. To design a report

Flowcharts are helpful when you need to create reports for your customers or bosses, like on-site reports and technical documentation after doing some work. Even if it is not all-encompassing, you can add it as an appendix to make things clearer and present the results in a more organized way.

9. As a business model

A flowchart can be used as a business model to visualize the structure of your company and its planned activities. It will also help you see possible problems before they happen, so you will know how to avoid them and keep everything running smoothly. You can even use it as an initial draft and continue working on it over time.

10. To build a website

A flowchart can be used to plan out the design of your website, especially when you want to present information in an easy-to-understand way, so anyone who lands on your site will know what you do and how to accomplish it. You can even use the same chart for the prototype, so you won’t waste time designing it from scratch.


A flowchart is a useful tool that can be used in various situations and for various purposes, as you can see from this list. You can also use a flowchart maker for these tasks to be easier. You don’t need to stick to the same approach all the time because you will come up with something new every time you use it, so enjoy experimenting and find out what works best for your needs.