Playing pokies online is one of the most pleasurable activities for habitual gamers and gamblers alike. However, playing on a no-deposit pokies website not just adds to the fun element but also eliminates the risk associated with playing paid pokies online such as losing real money or being scammed.

The reason why online casinos allow no-deposit pokies is to gain more subscribers. Therefore, these offers are usually granted to new players only. All online casinos have their policies. However, most of them do not grant newbies permission to withdraw their winning amount from a no-deposit pokies game unless they make some subsequent deposits. In order to truly understand how playing no-deposit pokies in an online casino works and what are the things to watch out for, read the step by step guide below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Pokies without Depositing Money

Before someone starts online gambling and playing in online casinos, they need to get themselves acquainted with the terms used. Pokies is just another word for slot machines used most commonly in Australia. Pokies games are among the most popular games played in online casinos worldwide. The reason for their popularity is the simplicity of their rules to play and handsome payout amounts.

Normally, there are two types of no-deposit pokies played. These include ‘no-deposit bonus pokies,’ and ‘no-deposit free spin bonuses pokies.’ The former allows players to play either all or a selected few slot machines as long as their bonus amount lasts in their account. The latter restricts players from using a bonus amount on all slot machines and is valid for being used on selected ones with a limited number of spins allowed.

Players may end up winning amounts in both scenarios. However, as mentioned earlier the withdrawal amount and policies vary from casino to casino and players may be unable to withdraw winning amount unless they fulfill the requirements.

In order to get themselves registered with a no-deposit pokies offering website, players need to complete the following steps.

  1. Search for all no-deposit pokies being offered online.
  2. Skim down the results by the authenticity of the offers and online casinos, both.
  3. Once a player is sure of the originality of the above two, they must visit the website and sign up/register for an account.
  4. Since the website must have listed about no-deposit pokies offer on its first page, click on it to avail it.
  5. The offer must not require players to make any deposit. Once a player gets registered with such offers they may move on to the next step.
  6. Check for wagering requirements and read the terms and conditions carefully.
  7. Once you accept all rules and terms and commit to fulfilling the requirements as laid down by the website, start wagering your free no deposit bonus or no deposit free spin bonus on the slot machines you are allowed to wager on.
  8. Win or loss, depending on your situation, either request for amount withdrawal or try to play again, but this time, you will need to make a deposit.

Rules to Play ‘No-Deposit Pokies’

Before committing to a website and start playing pokies via its no-deposit bonuses, make sure you get yourself acquainted with the following rules and regulations.

  1. The ‘No-deposit pokies’ offer is not valid for all games ever. Check for the games it is valid for with the website you aim to get yourself registered with.
  2. Read the kind of games bonus amount is allowed to be used on. The inability to conform to the instructions laid down about this rule can land you into serious trouble. In order to avoid penalties or any other forms of reaction, it is better to find out about the games your website does not allow you to spend your bonus amount on.
  3. Additionally, you must also find out about the time period when the website allows attempting to make a withdrawal. If you make an attempt to withdraw the amount you won earlier than the website has stated in its rules, you might be penalized once again for this.
  4. Find out about the wager size you are allowed. Some online casinos limit their players from waging their entire bonus amount on one bet. They may allow only 10% of the remaining bonus amount to be wagered in the second or third round. In case you are unaware of the rules related to betting size and you end up breaking one by mistake, you may get banned or be ripped off your bonus amount. So be cautious and read up about the bet size rules.
  5. Once you have used up your bonus amount, do not try to reclaim or use the same amount again. This is not allowed on any online gambling platform and leaves quite a bad impression on the host.
  6. Remember, the payout amount has a limit of withdrawal. Almost none of the online casinos allow a 100% withdrawal amount. Most of them offer up to 95%, and some might offer as low as 50%. Read up their rules about the percentage of withdrawal amount allowed and make your choices wisely.

While the rules of all online casinos may vary according to their policies, most of them fall into the categories discussed above. Moreover, the wagering requirements set by online casinos are to protect themselves from scamming players who register for the free bonus and cash it out as early as they can and never come back to play on their website. This is why there is a time period before which users can not withdraw their amounts and there is a certain percentage of the money they can wager on each bet.

What You Can Get Out Of These ‘No-Deposit Pokies Offers?

Well, for one, you get to cash out free money in case you win a wager. Additionally, you do get a chance to sharpen the saw and hone on your gambling skills when it comes down to playing pokies or slot machines. Over time, playing with free deposit offers will make you into a good pokies player, and you’ll know your way around these machines.


While most people believe that slot machines are rigged or have fraudulent systems built into them designed to make players lose, this perception does not hold true for all online casinos. Good quality online casinos that prefer creating loyal subscribers over easy one-time money scams operate at a very professional level and allow players as many rewards and other takeaway benefits as they can.  All players need to do is get themselves acquainted with the website’s rules, abide by them, play fair, and keep trying their luck.