When playing games on laptops, it is easy to come across overheating issues, your laptop may not be good enough spec for the game you are playing, or it is just being a typical machine and encountering a fault. Either way, both are common issues.

Why does my laptop get so hot when playing games?

The main reason for these high temperatures are due to the high-performing CPU and the powerful GPU, which in dedicated games consoles will work together in harmony, but isn’t necessarily the case in a laptop.

5 Ways to Cool Your Laptop Down While Gaming

Here are 5 ways you can help stop this overheating problem while you are playing games on your laptop, and also giving your laptop more life in doing so:

1. Using the Internal Cooling System Optimally

This can be done by simply better placement of your laptop, so the best place to start is placing your laptop in a flat, stable surface so the grills are not being covered. These air holes are usually on the bottom or the side of the laptop so if it is placed on a soft surface such as a cushion or a duvet the holes won’t be able to dissipate any of the internal heat directed from the internal fans. This could damage more components of your laptop so should be avoided even in lighter use.

2. Clean Air Vents Regularly

The next thing to check is the air vents and try to regularly clean them from any dust or debris particles that can accumulate on the grills. The best way to do this is with a soft brush or portable vacuum cleaner. Something that is pretty delicate and not damaging to your laptop in any way.

3. Add an Outer Cooling System

If you are someone who likes to use their laptop on their lap then a flat surface cooling pad that contains fans could be a great choice. They work by helping the job your internal fan is doing therefore extending your laptop’s battery life.

Specifically for gaming, these surfaces can be bought with 4 to 5 fans making them the ideal choice for when your laptop is working hard in running larger more graphics-heavy games and check out these for good options.

Little tricks like keeping your laptop in the shade in the peak of summer can also be a good trick in keeping the heat down on your machine.

4. Don’t Overload on Hardware Components

When you can you should try to set the graphics resolution of a game within the limits it requires, and it is better to avoid the use of an external GPU. It is also good to play games on your laptop’s available resolution.

A lower end GPU or CPU when playing modern games can also be an overheating reason. A good habit to follow is running your laptop in energy-saving modes, this will help to avoid high power consumption and help to lower the overall temperature of your machine’s hardware.

5. Regularly Check and Replace of Faulty Fans

If you are experiencing a loud laptop and aren’t completely sure if your internal fans are all working, then it could be a good idea to check your system.

Modern laptops feature lots of high-end specifications and normally contain more than one fan to tackle the need for this extra performance, but even if one fan is faulty it could have lasting damaging effects on your machine.

The main noticeable thing is going to be the sound, if you feel your laptop is running noisier than normal with a constant humming, grinding, or even a rattling noise coming from the air grills there could be something wrong with your internal fan causing this overheating problem. This is a problem that needs to be taken care of as if your machine is sitting idle when you are playing high-performance games then you could end up with significant problems and have to pay for a new laptop altogether.

If you follow these 5 steps then you are going to prolong the lifetime of your laptop ensuring it is fit and healthy, ready for any game you want to play. Upgrading your laptop could also be an option if you are playing games more advanced than the performances it can give.

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