Undoubtedly, data loss is a stressful experience. It brings about panic and chaos, which might result in you making regretful decisions. Therefore, when you face such loss, STOP wherever you are. Take a deep breath, because we have got your back.

It is crucial to take a step back and think since there is a right and wrong way to recover your lost data.

This blog post highlights some important tips that you should keep in mind if you end up losing important data stored in your hard drive.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Tips

Never Expose The Media

Once your hard drive has stopped working, stop right there. Never take it out yourself. This is because there’s nothing insider the drive that needs your attention. If you doubt there is, always rely on a reliable hard drive data recovery service provider to help you through it. if you risk exposing the data in your hard drive to any incorrect means of recovery, the chances that you will lose all of your data irreversibly are quite high!

Never Seek Remedies

Several remedies are available on the internet. You may even get multiple suggestions on what to do about your hard drive and what not to do. One of the most popular advice that you will come across that you put the drive in the refrigerator. The trick is to put your damaged hard drive in a zip-lock bag (maybe two or three) and place it in a freezer.

There should be no inlet for the moisture. Leave the hard drive in the refrigerator for about 12 hours before connecting it to the system to start recovering the data. However, you should not follow any such advice blindly. You never know when you make a mistake that costs you all your precious data!

Do Not Continue The Power Cycle

Often people continue to click the power cycle repeatedly. They do not realize that there could be underlying issues with the hard drive and not with the power cycle. In a desperate attempt to make their unresponsive hard drive start working, people keep trying to continue the power cycle and turn the system on, only to exacerbate the issue further.

Recovery Software Installation

Never install the recovery software on the same PC or laptop which is the reason behind the damage. It will result in overwriting installation on them and you may end up losing your data permanently.

Data Recovery Apps

Several varieties of recovery apps are available. You can download one of them. These apps usually offer a free trial. Once a problem is detected, the app asks you to subscribe to any of the packages to rectify the hard drive-related issues.

Data Recovery Services

If you don’t want to risk losing your data, you can opt for a hard drive data recovery service. They are experts at their job and can help you with recovering your data safely.

Steps Guiding To Recover The Hard Drive

A nuclear option available is to take it to an expert data recovery service provider, but once you have gotten hold of a reliable hard drive data recovery software, you should follow the steps below:

Connect Hard Drive To PC

If your dead hard drive which contains your operating system has died, remove it, and connect it to a working computer. You can join the quiet drive using SATA cable, or laptop owners can take hold of an external USB cradle.

Assess The Damage Done

Once connected, you now have everything to evaluate the damage done. In some cases, there is a chance that the hard drive might show up as another file in the working computer, and you can quickly transfer the missing files from it.

Call The Experts

If the hard drive data recovery through apps and software fails, your last and the most reliable and promising resort is a reliable hard drive data recovery expert. They know their way around hard drive problems and can very well help you retrieve the data stored in your hard drive.

Losing a hard drive containing all the valuable data and information is stressful, which might push you in a panic situation. The key to recovery is to take a deep breath and seek professional help.