Dota2 is a popular phenomenon that has been going on since 2003 and still gaining players all the time. Here are some basic tips as to how the game is developing and how you too can improve your game.

What is Dota and why is it so popular?

If you don’t know by now, Dota2 (Defense of the Ancients) is one of the most played multi-player battle arena games that there is. It is widely known and accepted in the games industry and arena that Dota2 is insanely popular; once you’re in and have been playing there is no going back.

Part of this is because of the fact that you play with 5 other people and as such there is a social element to every game. The game thus becomes part of the player’s social life and as the competitive nature increased overtime the game has soared in player interest. It feels like a team sport to play and as an e-sport it’s great to watch. The result is that top players have become celebrities, and all this has maintained the game at the top of the rankings. A position it is expected to keep for the long term.

Top tips to improve your game

Play as much as you are able to

Playing the game is the basis of all improvements, as with anything else practice makes perfect and starting at the bottom is the only way that you can develop in Dota2. The aim is to develop your mechanical, communication and strategic thinking skills to move up the player ratings.

Boosting to be able to play better

To play better you need to get into the more competitive games and leagues. The only way that you’ll manage to do this in ‘quick time’ is to improve your MMR (matchmaking rating) and a great way to do this is to use a Dota 2 mmr booster that will allow you to achieve seamless improvements.

Critical thinking and communication are key

If you’re going to move up the Dota2 rankings then you will need to focus on your critical thinking and decision making. As a strategy game it’s right up there in terms of the need to think several steps ahead and be able to move quickly and process information at speed. Dota2 is a team game and the biggest mistake made by players is trying to be the main hero and entering fights alone. Communicate with other players in the team and ensure that you work together which is one of the aspects that can improve your MMR.

Use the replay analysis

Take the ability to replay what’s just happened seriously and use it to improve your game. All the great players base their practice on the games that have gone before and the aspects of those games that they haven’t executed well. Learn from your mistakes.

Final remarks

Dota2 is a fantastic game to play and like anything else that you do, you’re likely to enjoy it even more if you’re playing well and at the highest level that you can. It’s a competitive game/sport and as such the more you practice, read and immerse yourself in the culture of the game, the better your overall game will become. The tips presented herein are part of the basic Dota2 skill set and must be achieved if you are to progress.