Clicking the most perfect pictures is often a luxury that only a handful of people could afford. But, when you have an artistic image editor like AirBrush, even the pics that may seem far from perfect, will be converted into high-quality images and will end up looking absolutely stunning.

AirBrush is a free-to-use image editor that comes laden with premium tools. Everything from cropping the images to retouching them to add more glow to the images is just a few steps away. Furthermore, removing pimples and adding beautiful filters is also a possibility with AirBrush and if you’re having a hard time trying to render flawless images, we highly recommend giving AirBrush a shot.

To this day, millions of users have downloaded AirBrush and left remarkable reviews for the app, and unlike other mainstream image editors, AirBrush is a free tool and won’t cost you a single penny. If you’d like to add some natural glow to your images or dye your color in a different color without it seeming artificially added, AirBrush will surely be the right app for you.

How to Download AirBrush on PC

AirBrush is originally a mobile application that is available for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, it does not have an official port for Microsoft Windows meaning that it cannot naturally run on PC. So, how to install Airbrush on PC? Luckily, with a large number of Android Emulators at our disposal, users can install and run AirBrush for PC.

Currently, there are quite a few Android Emulators on the market but BlueStacks is one of the best that you can get your hands on. It is completely free and setting it up is a piece of cake. Moreover, to download AirBrush on PC, we recommend you to download BlueStacks and set it up using your Gmail ID.

Once you’ve downloaded BlueStacks and have configured the controls, download AirBrush and you will be able to run AirBrush on your PC in just a matter of minutes and edit the images you’re fond of to make them look even more beautiful and stunning.

Can you Apply Makeup to Images Using AirBrush?

One of the biggest concerns that people often have is whether the image editor could apply makeup to images or not. Likewise, people often have a similar query regarding AirBrush and, fortunately, AirBrush can apply makeup to images. This image editor tool comes with a wide spectrum of filters that can apply natural-looking makeup to the images and make them look remarkable with their artistic touch.

Aside from filters, real-life makeup tools are also made available in AirBrush, meaning that users have the ability to add makeup themselves and make the images look stunning. Bear in mind that AirBrush uses natural editing tools and once you’ve edited the images, it would be impossible to tell if the image was edited.

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How to remove Pimples using AirBrush?

One of the universal uses of image editors is to remove pimples and dark spots from images and retouch them to offer an artistic touch to the image. But, where most image editors find it difficult to offer such services, AirBrush boasts its ability to instantly remove pimples and dark spots from your face with just a few clicks.

In order to remove pimples and dark spots on your face, AirBrush offers an ‘Acne’ tool that can be used to do just that. If you want to remove pimples from an image of yours then the first step would be to select the image from the library and it will be uploaded to the mainframe.

Afterward, select the ‘Acne’ tool from the navigation bar and use the rounded locator and use it on the parts of the image where pimples and dark spots are showing. Using the Acne tool will clear your image of all the pimples and you can go ahead and save the image.

Final Verdict

There’s plenty of image editors out there but the sophisticated features offered in AirBrush make it one of a kind. Whether for personal or professional use, AirBrush is a highly recommended tool, and when more than a million people are vouching for it, you ought to check it out.