The only way for your business brand to succeed on Instagram is by ensuring that you have enough following. Without this, you can be doing a lot of work that will never give you results. While Instagram is a great platform to make more sales, this comes at some cost. This can be in terms of more working hours, hiring a social media expert, or spending some money on buying followers for your Instagram profile.

But not so many people have a budget to invest in all the things that can bring great results in their Instagram marketing efforts. The only way for such people to survive online marketing on Instagram is by trying as much as they can, to get organic followers on Instagram. So how can one get organic and real Instagram followers? This post provides 8 working ideas, strategies, and tips that will see your Instagram followers grow naturally.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Your brand’s Instagram bio is like a homepage where most users will first land before checking out what you have. The brand’s profile will either get you more followers or make you lose potential followers that you would have otherwise gotten.

A good profile should be complete, with a bio, an image caption, a proper username that echoes the name of the business, and should have a link to your website. And to even spice up your bio, you can be changing the URL to different popular content on your website, so that people don’t get bored with familiar pages when they click on the link.

Be descriptive with captions

We have just discussed the importance of having captions in the profile bio, but this goes beyond just that. Instagram is primarily a visual platform, and in most cases, you will have to communicate using images. As it has always been said, a picture is worth a thousand words, but one cannot ignore words altogether.

The use of captions alongside photos on Instagram has proven to be very effective in generating engagements. Users will want to read something about the photo and find the link between the caption and the photo itself. Once people understand the fun in the caption and photo, chances of them commenting, liking, and even sharing the post increases tremendously. It is these engagements that inform the Instagram algorithm that your content is useful to users, thus ranked higher. Once it ranks higher, then you organically start getting followers.

Don’t ignore buying Instagram followers

What can bring greater satisfaction than investing in your own business? If, by buying Instagram, followers will bring you the desired results, then you should not hesitate. There are social media marketing experts at Instagrowing that can help you get cheap and real Instagram followers at a low cost.

Be consistent

Irregularly posting content on your Instagram profile can cost you a fortune, honestly. This is because irregular posting makes your already existing followers forget the very reason they followed you, and might even decide to unfollow.

To ensure that your existing followers become loyal, and even attract more followers, you have to stick to a regular posting schedule and theme.

Try to schedule post well in advance

You can get a lot of followers by simply posting at the right time since this gives your posts more visibility. Note that time zones are never the same from region to region. After you have established the region from which you want to get followers, you need to schedule your posts so that they go live when most people are online.

Cross-promote your profile

There are many social media platforms, besides Instagram. Some of the most common include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms can help you get a lot of followers for your Instagram account. All you need to know is to let your friends on these platforms know that you also have an Instagram account. You can do this by sharing a link to your Instagram account on these platforms.

You can also share your content and get a lot of likes, views, and shares from Facebook, Twitter, and Linked. This way, you can be sure that your content and profile will get more visibility.

Be creative with hashtags

Instagram hashtags work in a different way than those for Twitter. While you can only use one hashtag on twitter, you can use as many as you can on Instagram. And this freedom to use many hashtags calls for creativity.

Whenever possible, avoid the use of a one-word keyword for hashtags. Focus more on the long-tail keywords, which are descriptive of what your post is about. You can be funny, ironic, or even outrageous with long-tail keywords. The whole idea is not just to be visible, which you will definitely get, but also to elicit reactions from your followers and those who interact with your posts.

Participate in conversations

It is also a great idea to participate in conversations on Instagram. This will help you grow your authority and influence, hence build a name for yourself and business brand. In the conversations, you can use hashtags that are relevant to your business, just to make sure that you at least bring in your business concept in the conversation. If you had used these hashtags in your content and posts, there is a high likelihood that your posts will show up in the conversation, which is a great way of getting views, likes, shares, and comments.

Final thought

While it might look hard to get more followers on Instagram, these strategies, ideas, and tips will see you go past 1000 followers within a very short period. All you need to do is be persistent with them, and also patient.