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The music industry experienced a dramatic change significantly in publishing and promoting songs within the last two decades. Before the digital transformation in the early 2000s, artists were restricted to the label infrastructure. A label signs musicians it notices and handles the production of their project, from recording the tracks to their publishing and marketing.

The structure is still available for grammy-winning multi-platinum artists and celebrities. Contrarily, emerging artists handle all the tasks involved in producing their tracks. In addition to music creation and recording, these artists supervise website development and graphic designs. They also maintain their social media or online presence and source for gigs.

Instagram plays a significant role in music promotion. 35.31% of internet users who are young people and aged 18-34 is the target market of different genres of music. 32% of this proportion of users, ages 25 to 34, are active Instagram users. Instagram offers musicians various advertising options. The tips below will show you how to market your songs on Instagram.

Enhance your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram Bio helps you to present yourself and interact with your fans. Despite the tiny space of 150 characters available in your Bio, you can wisely maximize it. Try to describe your music and its genres briefly, and mention any current projects, tours, and media reviews.

Give your career highlights, achievements, and awards. Add a link to another social media profile, a website, a lead magnet page, or a landing page. You can switch the link based on your current campaign. Also, use an appealing profile picture that reflects your genre and story.

Use appropriate hashtags

The platform’s algorithm uses hashtags to suggest content to users based on their previous likes and shares. You can include popular hashtags and those related to your genre in your post. Add at least ten hashtags per story and 20 hashtags to each post. Also, use current trends to create hashtags.

Diversify your posts

You can use various forms of content to spice up your posts. Be creative in using photos and images to market your songs indirectly. You also can upload an exciting image related to your music and include its download link in the caption area.

The platform allows up to 60 seconds-long live or recorded video posts. You can include your music in the video or use a still image with a snippet of your tracks. It’s best to use subtitles with your video posts. Add text content in your captions or upload screenshots of a blog post as an image.

Use IGTV and stories to promote your music

The Instagram Stories feature effectively reaches out to your audience. I5 seconds video of the best part of your song in Stories can engage your fans. You can promote new releases, throwbacks, merchandise, run polls, and host giveaways in Stories.

With IGTV, you can post longer videos of 10 and 60 minutes for regular users and verified accounts, respectively. You can upload full music video vlogs of the behind-the-scene progress of your track on IGTV.

Use Ads and sponsored posts

You can convert a personal account to a business version to use Instagram Ads. The conversion allows you to engage more audience and gain new fans. Different Instagram Ads options like video, Stories, carousel, and the single

image, are available for music promotion.

In addition to these ideas, targeting and quality content aids you to market your music on Instagram. Find your target audience and always publish engaging posts to attract them.