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Summer is a favorite time of year for lots of people. With warmer weather, more sun, lighter nights and longer days, this is no surprise. While this is something that all video gamers can appreciate, it is not always a great time of year for them. The video game industry can actually go fairly quiet over the summer months and there are fewer big-name titles and new consoles launched.

In general, the video game sector seems to pinpoint autumn/winter for bringing new tech or games to market. The PS5 release date, for example, was during November 2020, with the Xbox Series X following suit. Major game franchises such as FIFA will also generally launch new installments around this time of year. Of course, much of this is down to releasing new products at the best time to profit from the Christmas and New Year period.

This does mean that summer can be a bit boring for video game fans though, with not much new or exciting tech to enjoy. This looks likely to be even more pressing in summer 2021, as stocks of new consoles (such as the PS5) are rarely available and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen hotly awaited new games delayed. With this in mind, it is key to find other things to do and keep boredom at bay.

What types of activities provide the most fun?

Play online casino games

If gaming is in your blood, then why not just try a different type? Video gaming may be your go-to choice normally, but playing online casino games is also something to consider. This is especially true when the video game world is taking a breather. Online casino games are fun, fast-paced and come in a variety of choices. Whether it is online slots or classic table games, there are lots of safe internet casinos to play at now.

You can even play for free if you do not want to risk real money! Sweepstakes casinos enable you to play using coins that are free to pick up on the platform itself, by taking advantage of offers such as NJ online casinos bonus codes. It really is worth using a comparison site such as OddsSeeker.com before choosing where to play, however, as it gives an easy and reliable way to find the most secure internet casinos.

Learn how to code

As with online casino gaming, learning how to code is a natural alternative choice for video gamers. It not only enables you to stay involved with tech and computers, but also means that you can acquire a valuable new skill. Whether you learn coding to help your future career or simply to fill in time over summer in an interesting way, it is a good choice.

Of course, learning to code can also help you create your very own video game. If there is no game coming to market in summer that you fancy playing, then creating your own is a cool idea. It is also sure to impress your gamer buddies! Be warned though – it will take some time and hard work to get there! Popular coding languages to study include Java and HTML, while there are plenty of online courses you can begin learning now.

Set up your own YouTube channel

Lots of people love to game as a hobby now – but what can you do if a lull in video gaming over the summer leaves you with lots of free time to fill? One awesome idea is setting up your own YouTube channel. There is no doubt that this is cool, fun and will stop you getting bored. The other great thing about it is the lack of entry barriers or cost. Creating your own channel is free and the tech you need to start shooting videos to upload is already in your smartphone.

Once you have decided what your channel will be about (it could be video games, but it could also be about another interest you have), you can begin to make custom videos on your smartphone to load onto YouTube. If you manage to pick up lots of views and subscribers, you might even be able to make some money from your channel. It will probably not make you rich though, so it is best treated as a bit of fun until video gaming kicks in again.

Meet up with friends

Not every activity you try needs to be game or tech-related. It is sometimes nice to have a total change and forget about all this for a while. One of the best examples is simply meeting up with friends in real life. This is an especially great idea if you have been playing video games a lot over the winter and not had the chance to for a while.

It can also be cool to meet up with friends who you play online games with in person, where possible. Just remember to always be safe if you’re meeting people you do not know very well or for the first time. Whether you go for a coffee, a meal, or hang out at the local park, this is a great way to get some sun and some extra social time.

No new video games or consoles? No problem!

If you are a video gamer looking ahead to the summer months with a sense of dread, don’t worry. As the above shows, there are lots of cool things you can do while the industry has a rest. When you add in other options such as working out, learning an instrument, or picking up a new language, it is clear that boredom need never be a problem. Once video gaming has started to gear up for autumn/winter again, you will not only be refreshed from taking a break from it, but also armed with some cool new hobbies.