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If you thought throwing a sex toy party was only something you saw on television, you need to think again. Sex toy parties are a great way for someone that sells sex products to get the word out there about their business.

That doesn’t make it less daunting for people who have never attended a sex toy home party before. If this is your first time attending an amateur sex toy party, we’re going to fill you in on what you should expect.

That way, you can walk in without letting your jaw hit the floor.

Sexy Food Stations

When you attend your first sex party, one thing you can expect to see is sex toy party appetizers. This isn’t going to be your regular table of party foods; almost everything will have a sexual connotation.

Therefore, you can expect to see foods that are both erotic and suggestive. The food isn’t going to be the only thing you’re tasting at these parties, either.

The host might have an array of flavored products for party guests to taste before deciding whether they want to make a purchase or not.

Relaxed Atmosphere

You might think that the atmosphere at a sex party will be tense with other people who might be feeling a bit shy about being at this party. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The atmosphere is going to be laid back, and you’re going to feel like you’re having the ultimate couples night. You’ll get to mingle with others at the party and enjoy the sexual banter that comes with these types of occasions.

All sex parties aren’t couple-oriented; most feature all females—but getting partners involved is fun, too.

0 Pressure to Purchase Products

Whenever you’re in these settings, you might find yourself under pressure to purchase the products the host is providing. But, if you want to check them out and wait to make purchases or make no purchase at all, that’s fine, too.

The party’s purpose is to educate people on the types of toys there are and answer questions that you might have about items the host is offering.

You Can Buy At Anytime

Although you’re in a group setting, this doesn’t mean that you want everyone to know what products you’ve purchased. The great thing about a sex toy party is you don’t have to buy items during the party, as stated above.

If you’d rather make your purchases in private, you can always take down the host’s information and contact them once you’ve gotten home. This also gives you time to think more about which toys you want to purchase.

Sex Toy Party: What Am I Getting Into?

A sex toy party isn’t as overwhelming as it might sound, but there are some things that you should expect before you attend it. You can expect to be around other people and talk about tons of things that have to do with sex.

You also should know that you don’t have to buy anything during the party if you don’t want to. Whether you’re looking for more information about sex toy parties or other topics, you can find everything you’re looking for right here in this section.