Finally, the Remake of one of the most successful role-playing games in history is here, after years of waiting. While it is a fantastic game, it may not be what you were expecting; still, it comes filled with excitement and dazzling visuals.

Love your Game More

The original game was released in 1997 on PSone and led to a massive change in the world of role-playing games.

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake’s first hour is breathtaking and full of excitement and is presently available on the PlayStation 4. The early scenes which recreate the initial Final Fantasy VII’s full-motion video intro in gorgeous modern CGI show that this Remake is intended to be huge. You can feel the commitment and energy that has gone into this game every second.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, which came out on 10 April 2020, is probably the next Final Fantasy flagship title. While it doesn’t have the right numbering and it’s a reproduction of an older title, it has all the visual and style hallmarks that one has come to expect from contemporary Final Fantasy.

As in Final Fantasy XV, the fight seems like a combination of real-time action combat and slower bits of time to offer instructions and tactical steps. This includes, as in the first Final Fantasy VII, an “Active Time Battle” gauge that fills with time. This gauge fills up quickly in the game as the player executes simple attacks and can be used for more effective moves and skills.

It looks sleek but a little clunky, which still, together with games like XV, offers the sense that developer Square Enix is developing a specific house style for its major RPG title. It’s not all action, but not the old’s turn-based battle either. Instead, it is moderately tactical, somewhat snappy, and overwhelmingly dazzling. It’s modern Final Fantasy: not lacking substance, but filled with prominent spectacle and love.

A New Perspective

The majority of the esthetics of the game still looks to be in line with the house style — crisp visual effects, bright blue fonts, and simple environmental signposting of the world that includes items like arrows and lights superimposed over the game environment. It seems like Final Fantasy VII mediated not only by modern sensibilities but also through Final Fantasy’s contemporary aesthetics.

This game series depended on a sense of modern slickness to create a new image for itself. In contrast, its position in the vanguard of Japanese role-playing games has slipped away in the previous two console generations.

This is the same tale, told with only a touch of fresh flavor compared to the original. Cloud Strife remains a brash, seemingly unstable soldier teaming up with Avalanche, a brave band of eco-terrorists seeking to stop the Shinra organization from practically draining the earth dry.

The opening remains a compact, captivating caper as Cloud joins Barrett, the leader of Avalanche, on a mission to enter, blow up, and flee from one of the reactors of Shinra. It’s not a quiet tale, and the plot receives a lot of fan support, from new foreshadowing attempts to extended character encounters and environmental information. Hardcore enthusiasts should be getting a kick out of poring over this edition of VII world.

Yet, just, more importantly, it’s also a new, high-energy, high-production Final Fantasy game. This is all smooth edges, with fast combat but maybe a little unstable below. This approach has rendered Final Fantasy unpopular to old JRPG fans because of its contemporary form, and it’s one that will undoubtedly be divisive, particularly in the Final Fantasy VII community.

Final Fantasy VII Remake did well for Square Enix, but that doesn’t mean the game will be available on other platforms yet … (via LifeStyle PlayStation).

Boost in Existing Trend Within The Gaming Industry

Within three days after its launch, Final Fantasy VII Remake sold 3.5 million copies, which is not too shabby, as the game’s launch was moderated because of the ongoing pandemic. The latest earnings release by Square Enix reported that physical sales did not meet projections; however, digital sales covered for the loss in that area. This is reflective of data from Comcast that shows how new game downloads have increased by 80%.

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