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Ever heard the saying ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’? Well, it is quite true. A woman’s beauty has more aspects to it than just her physical features. You can have a pretty face but if you are not a kind and caring person, your beauty loses its charm.

While Ukrainian babes are all about physical beauty and being treated like a diva, Russian women, on the other hand, are strong, independent, and empathetic, and beauty is just an added advantage. There is so much more to these lovely ladies than just the overtly attraction. This is exactly what this post deals about. It offers a little comparison of the differences of beauties of both these nationalities and how they expect to be treated.

Education Levels

Both the Russian and Ukrainian women are highly educated and contribute in the economic growth of their country. However, what makes Russian women more attractive is the fact that they can hold intellectual conversations and discuss almost any topic with you. On the other hand, Ukrainian women would rather be talked about love and be dealt with gentleness than about any other topic in the world.

Fashion Sense

Russian women are not just pretty, they are also presentable. They have remarkable taste in clothing and follow recent fashion trends. They know when to tie up a bun and when to leave their hair open to compliment a bikini. This is one of the reasons why gorgeous Russian women are one of the most -desired in the world. Ukrainian women are rarely applauded for their fashion sense and style.

Ethnic Diversity

Both these women come from diverse ethnic backgrounds which makes them irresistibly attractive. There is so much more to their culture and history than just regular city life. Their ethnic diversity not just allows one to learn about different cultures existing in Russia and Ukraine, but also impacts the looks and features of these girls.

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Arts and Intellect

You must have heard about Russian ballerina, right? If you haven’t, you need to know that Russian girls are not the only pro at formal education which helps them in earning a livelihood. In fact, they also excel at some form of performing arts.

Most Russian girls are into dancing and performing acrobatics since their bodies have a strong athletic built. Others love to sing, play instruments and paint, etc.

When it comes down to Ukrainian women, unfortunately not many of them show a keen interest in performing or other forms of art. They are just known for their beautiful faces and golden hearts.


Russian women have very strong personalities as opposed to Ukrainians. While Ukrainians have a very soft, gentle heart, Russian women have a very strong sense of self and are confident. They know what they want from life and are willing to go after it. They are highly appreciative of honest and sincere men and can spot cheaters and liars easily. They do not shy away from calling a dishonest man’s bluff and know very well how to demand what they want in a relationship.

Even though Russian women prefer to get married at young ages, they do not rush into a relationship as Ukrainian girls do. They take their time in building the trust and open up in layers. They are also keen observers and will let you know if they find your actions inconsistent with your words.

Upholding Their Cultural Values

While women from both the nationalities uphold their cultural values and family traditions, Russian women show a bit more restraint when it comes down to being physical in a relationship.

Since Russian culture does encourage prostitution and is very critical of it, Russian women are very cautious about letting men inside their houses. While Ukrainian women get ready to be laid after 4-5 dates, Russian women would simply deny hosting a dinner for their suitors at their homes if they live alone. Though this social construct might come across as frustrating especially for American men, the truth is this is what makes Russian women even more appealing.

When it comes down to Russian women, they are not after you just for the physical connection. They want a long-term bond based on mutual trust and respect and will take their time in working on it. Once the bond has been established, they will let you in on their family and personal lives slowly until finally, they decide to get married to you.

Language Skills

Gone are the days when Russians were only acquainted with their own national and regional languages. The current generations are adapting to the global culture real fast and they are now able to speak languages other than their own such as English, etc. This adds to their attractiveness because where there once was a language barrier, now a smooth flow of conversation has been guaranteed.

On the other hand, Ukrainian women still have to go a long way in learning other languages. In fact, they expect the men interested in them to learn their language and rarely put in efforts from their side to overcome language barriers.

All in all, Russian women are the epitome of attractiveness. They are smart, beautiful, have fashion sense, are educated, financially independent, family-oriented, and completely level headed when it comes down to pacing a relationship. They are also well versed in arts and literature, love traveling and playing sports, can cook and clean, etc.

They have so many qualities in one place. Their physical beauty is just a cherry on the top. No wonder why so many men across the world desire their companionship. Russian women are not really hard to get but they have their own sense of ethics and they are not as easy as Ukrainian women are.