Skitterphoto (CC0), Pixabay

Who doesn’t love a bit of Bingo? It seems as though everyone enjoys that bingo buzz, even celebrities, some of which you might be surprised to discover love a game of bingo at! That’s right, it’s not all red carpets and standing around in the spotlight looking fabulous, celebs, just like everyone else like their downtime and take joy in simple pleasures and hobbies. So, when they’re not living the high-life, shopping and dining out in fancy restaurants, a lot of celebs love nothing more than a game of bingo with friends and family.

Vic Reeves

Commonly known as Vic Reeves, James Roderick Moir is an avid bingo fan but is known for being a famous comedian, actor, artist, musician as well as a TV presenter. Vic Reeves is such a huge fan of bingo that he is the spokesperson of an online gaming site which features plenty of bingo games. This fits perfectly with his expressive and bubbly personality making him the ideal face of the bingo site.

Robbie Williams

Forget angels, Robbie Williams is loving bingo instead! A natural performer, Robbie loves the stages and is also a huge Bingo fan, so much so that if you check out his hit song “Feel” features Robbie coming out of a bingo hall! Robbie also loves to host charity bingo games and has recently entered live bingo games in Hollywood where he famously donned a leopard print handbag and make a generous donation to support a breast cancer charity.

David Wheater

David Wheater is most famously known for being a defender at Middlesbrough and he has been a professional footballer for over 10 years, however, football isn’t the only game he is passionate about and David is known to be a big bingo fan, attending his local club for a spot of bingo!

Ricky Tomlinson

Known by Ricky, Eric Tomlinson, is a British comedian who is also keen on a game of bingo and has even been a bingo caller which his charming Liverpudlian accent was perfect for!

Mick Jagger

He’s world-famous as the frontman of one of the most successful rock bands in history and when he isn’t living his rockstar lifestyle Mick Jagger, despite appearances, loves a game of bingo! He even hosts huge bingo parties at his home with A-list celebrity guests attending.

The Queen

She’s the ultimate celebrity and as well as her royal duties, the Queen has many hobbies including bingo. It’s well known that the Queen loves playing bingo and enjoys playing the game with family especially during Christmas and birthday celebrations.

Courteney Cox

The one where Monica played Bingo. Another celeb who is known to have a passion for bingo is Friend’s star Courteney Cox who enjoys playing bingo with her real-life friends which include Rickki Lake and Paris Hilton who all have played bingo with Courtney at her home.

We are just going to wait patiently for our invite to these celebrity bingo parties, but in the meantime, thankfully we can enjoy playing bingo games online!