If you’re in or around Hungary, casino sites might often seem hard to come across, however, in most cases the ones that are able to join are some of the best around. If you’re looking for the best casino sites in Hungary, then check out our list below of the best casinos there and how you can get started!

What are the Best Casino Sites in Hungry?


WooCasinos is born and registered in Hungary and is one of the main casinos that you can play whilst in Hungary. This casino was founded in 2020 and has been listed as one of the best in Hungary.

Woo Casinos has a huge variety of games including slot games, scratch card games, roulette, and most other table games that you can play live with a dealer. Not only this, but WooCasino is also accepting most major cryptocurrencies and many other deposit methods that will be sure to help you out when playing in this amazing casino.

Woo Casino also has an amazing support team who can help you out at any time, so be sure to speak to them if you ever get stuck! If you’re in Hungary, we recommend you try out WooCasinos which are always on hand to help and to help you enjoy your time on this website.


Stay Casino is another Hungarian casino that we’re sure you’ll love the moment you jump on! Owned by Hollycorn who owns several other casinos that are well known around Europe. Stay Casino unlike others on this list doesn’t have a massive game selection, featuring main tables games, slot games, and a live casino for some other game modes that you may have seen around. Saying this, they do have one of the most extensive slot game lists, within our list, making it a great casino to play on if you love your slot games!

Although the game selection isn’t massive, they do however have some amazing bonuses such as a birthday bonus, bonus codes, free spins (every week), VIP bonuses, and even sign-up bonuses that you shouldn’t pass up if you’re wanting to be rewarded for playing.

Just like most casinos on this list, they support some of the main deposit and withdrawal methods which are typically really fast, however, Stay casino does not accept the main cryptocurrency as an option.


Sportaza is another casino that we’re sure you’ll love! Sportaza is a newly established but very successful online casino that allows you to play one of over 5000 slot games and table games that we’re sure you’ll have heard of. This casino is not only a gaming casino but also offers some amazing sports book bets to place too should you want to calm down and watch some sports.

Tied with over 37 deposit methods (including cryptocurrencies), Sportaza is a casino that you shouldn’t pass up. Not to mention the extensive list of bonuses and countries that are supported, we’re sure that if you were to sign-up that one of the bonuses they can offer (such as sign-up bonus, birthday bonus, free spin bonuses, and regular player bonuses) will all help you achieve greatness on this casino.


Just like Sportaza, founded in 2021 – Neon54 is more a casino-orientated casino that we’re sure you’ll enjoy if you get a chance to sign-up on. With one of the most extensive game lists on our list of best Hungarian casinos, we’re sure that if you sign up that you’ll find it hard to leave with all that Neon54 has to offer!

With excellent customer support, deposit methods (including all kinds of cryptocurrency) as well as active bonuses that can be redeemed at any point – which we’re sure will come in handy when you want to try out new games or slots! Be sure to check out Neon54 just for the bonus, as they have no-deposit bonuses which means you can win with any spin, without having to spend a penny!

Are Hungarian Casinos Good?

Yes! Hungarian casinos are some of the strongest regulated casinos in the world, with all casinos both physical and online virtual casinos being all strongly regulated by the government. This means that no matter where you are in Hungary or playing in a Hungarian casino – they will be safe and secure.

Although there are not many options for online casinos in Hungarian territory, the ones we’ve mentioned above are some of the best online. However, if you are looking for other online casinos in Europe, then take a look at some of the top online casinos in Europe to find some more of the best around!

Why are there not many online casino sites in Hungary?

Gambling in Hungary is fully legal, however, the laws and regulations around owning a casino in any capacity (either as a shop/brick and mortar or online) are one of the tighter laws around the world. With that being said, it’s really hard for casino operators, both new and old to create online sites that are both profitable and in line with the casino regulations of Hungary.

Although Hungary has tried to ease the restrictions and allow for more casinos to pop up, there is still quite a bit of red tape around it. With that being said, if you ever visit Hungary we recommend going to a physical casino, as online casinos are few and far between – but if you do want to play online there are some above that will help you play to your heart’s content.

Will Gambling in Hungary get Better?

We think that gambling in Hungary will improve and more sites will open their doors to new players from Hungary. At the time of writing, because of the nation-controlled gambling laws, it might be hard for Hungarian casino owners to open online casinos and prevent people from getting addicted.

With that being said, we believe that because of the gross population around the world knowing of gambling, and it becoming one of the main forms of entertainment for adults around the globe, Hungary and its laws around gambling will open and be more flexible to create more sites, and therefore more online casinos that will operate in and around Hungary, for Hungarian users.


Overall, gambling in Hungarian casinos can be very easy to do, and very enjoyable for a player. We’re sure that if you are able to get onto some of these casinos, you should give them a go and enjoy the time. Play around on the sportsbooks as well as slots and table games to enjoy your time even more!