Gambling has been around for as long as humanity itself. People have always searched for easy ways to make money, and gambling seemed to be such a way. So, you go for one of the best $10 deposit casinos in the USA or for one of the best online casinos with super bonuses in the urge to win more than you put. But some go even further – they search to earn money without playing themselves. What are the best ways to do so? Well, there are a couple of them, but let’s take a close look at the most popular ones. 

Investing in Gambling Industry

Investing, as well as participating in the gambling industry as a gambler, is a risky undertaking. In both cases, the wrong bet leads to a loss. Everyone has the right to choose how much they are willing to risk. Player 2’s average bet is 5% of their capital on any trade.

In debt cooperation, investors may hear about diversifying into different assets. This suggests a strategy in which risk management and the distribution of accumulated investments in various directions will help minimize losses.

Is It Worth the Risk?

Players must carefully analyze and weigh their financial opportunities in order to be in the black. Investments are an increase in one’s capital; therefore, players with a professional background are often experts in risk management. To fully assess the odds, you need to make an analysis between the amount of free money in the bank and the money that will be put on the line. If the coefficient indicates a favorable pot chance, then the player is likely to risk and make their bet.

According to the report of the American research and consulting company Grand View Research, the volume of income from the gambling business will grow by 11.5% annually. Such forecasts make investments in gambling projects one of the most promising and quick payback types of investments. So, in order to get a stable source of passive income, investors fund casinos from scratch, finance successful gambling projects, or buy shares of online establishments.

According to representatives of the Gambling Craft company, regardless of the form of investment, investors put forward a number of requirements for gambling projects. First of all, operators must work legally and have a gambling license from a reputable regulator. Further, they must offer players the entire range of necessary services – a wide range of gambling games from leading licensed providers, a profitable bonus program, regular tournaments, and a professional technical support service. And finally, investors pay more attention to gambling projects that provide popular and promising areas of activity, including:

  • Mobile gambling is a sector that continues to grow dynamically. According to recent research, the share of gamblers visiting mobile versions of online casinos increased by 117%. Moreover, the share of unique mobile users continues to grow. 
  • VR technologies are augmented and virtual reality systems that will stimulate the development of online casinos. This is reported in a study by Juniper Research, according to which half of the total amount of online bets will fall on gambling. Analysts do not yet give exact numbers for the gambling industry. However, they are confident that VR games can completely replace 3D slots in the next few years.
  • The development of programs with artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising but risky areas of investment. It is expected that the introduction of unique neural networks in the casino will allow personalizing the services provided by studying the behavioral metrics of users and developing effective methods of interaction with players. AI algorithms will also automate user maintenance – trainable bots are great at solving most of their problems, reducing human resource costs. And most importantly, AI will play a significant role in user retention by instantly analyzing their behavior and developing proposals that are guaranteed to keep them on the site.
  • Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment that allows players to instantly deposit money into the game and withdraw winnings without identifying an individual. Support for crypto transactions will attract users who wish to remain anonymous. Despite the advantages of this direction, analysts believe that the share of cryptocurrency will increase gradually but will not replace classic payments.

Monetization of Traffic Using the CPA System

According to analytics, when placing advertisements for gambling sites, webmasters receive a significant income – about 40-60% of the casino’s profit from one referred player. Of course, we are talking about those jurisdictions where this activity is within the law. Some PPs offer payouts of $150-200 for each targeted action. If the number of such clients is several dozen, the webmaster’s earnings are expressed in hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

How Many Visitors Do You Need to Earn?

Experts say that to earn from a casino affiliate program. A webmaster must have at least 1,000 active users, predominantly male, aged 25 to 30, since this is exactly what the target audience of such establishments looks like. Of course, to have a good income, you need to strive for large numbers. At the same time, it is important that visitors are active. So, it is better to have a 20,000 audience with 15,000 active subscribers than 50,000 followers, of which only 10,000 are active.

To track the ratio of resource users who perform a target action to the total number of visitors, webmasters use an indicator such as CR or Conversion Rate – a conversion rate indicated as a percentage.

Traffic Sources for Gambling Topics

In CPA marketing, a platform means a personal source of a webmaster designed to generate traffic to affiliate offers. The advantage is that arbitrators are not limited in their actions – they can not only implement popular business models but also experiment by creating new, highly profitable formats.

The following sites are in demand in the gambling vertical:

Thematic information sites are aggregates of information on a specific topic. Such portals provide feature articles, news, reviews, and analytics. Webmasters focused on non-gambling verticals promote such sites and use banner spaces on them for CPA. Some also add separate sections for placing special offers from advertisers.

Blogs – hosted both on a personal website and on popular sites. The blog should be dedicated to gaming topics and be as expert as possible. In order not to scare off readers and maintain the image of an independent blogger, the advertiser’s proposals must be implemented as naturally and unobtrusively as possible.

Cashback services are a good way to motivate visitors to take targeted action. 

Forums remain in demand for gambling even with the advent of social networks and instant messengers, as users continue to actively discuss various issues on specially created sites. In addition, forums are effective in indexing for SEO, which allows them to be displayed on the first lines in search engines for queries on a given topic.