Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue Build - Rogue Levelling Build (Level 1-30)

Recently, Twisting Blades has been nerfed, and it’s a pain to use this skill when leveling. So, here, I want to bring you a much better Rogue leveling build that lets you have it all super early on in the game, making it the perfect build to level with. And there’s even a slight variation of this build being used in the endgame right now to destroy World Tier 3 & 4 bosses under-leveled.


Rogues are essentially the melee equivalent of the source for a vast DPS potential but very squishy health and armor. Therefore, you need good survivability options fairly early on in the game.

In this Flurry Rogue Build, we have massive single target DPS, huge AOE explosions that demolish the battlefields, massive damage reduction, and constant healing, which other Rogue builds severely lack. Trust me, you can literally stand in the middle of an entire elite pack. Keep spamming your rotation, and do not have to use a single potion. That’s how potent the healing is.

Basic Skills

The first ability you want to unlock is your basic skill, Puncture, whereby you throw a dagger toward your enemy, and every third cast will slow your enemy. And if it’s a Critical Strike, then it will guarantee to slow your enemy.

Diablo 4 Puncture

You don’t want to level this beyond rank one out of five, as there are far more important skills to unlock, and there’s very little return gained from that skill point.

Make sure you get Enhanced Puncture by using your Diablo 4 Gold for more energy generation and, more importantly, Fundamental Puncture, which splits the dagger into three throws with an overall boost to damage.

The key to this skill for this build is that it applies vulnerability. Since vulnerability debuffs enemies, once the skill hits enemies, they will take 20% more damage. We can just take advantage of this opportunity to replenish our health.

Core Skills

The core skill which forms the heart of the build is Flurry, whereby you strike enemies in an arc in front of you four times. You’ll want to get this to 5 out of five, eventually. But again, there are so many other important skills and Diablo 4 Items to get.

Enhanced Flurry is absolutely insane and is what causes you to have constant healing. Every time you hit a vulnerable or slowed enemy, remember our basic skill, Puncture, is applying both. You heal yourself for up to 12% of your Max Health.

Diablo 4 Improved Flurry

Improved Flurry spreads that vulnerability in a massive radius. So, throw a few Punctures and unleash Flurry; you’ll do huge damage and heal yourself. This is the core gameplay loop, though it becomes a little more complicated later on.

I’d also get some passives here. Sturdy gives you damage reduction to Close enemies, which you’ll need as you’re always going to be in the thick of it. Siphoning Strikes heal you whenever you Critical Strike any close enemies.

Remember, for any passives I mentioned today, don’t prioritize them early on when leveling. It’s way more fun to unlock new abilities in my eyes, and more potent before you start making passive three out of three.


At level 15, you gain access to the Rogue-specific questline (Rogue: True Potential), which unlocks Combo Points. This is one of Rogue’s specializations, which further enhances our Flurry ability.

You should unlock Combo Points as early as possible. This way, every time you pierce, you will get one Combo Point. When you get three Combo Points, the damage of your Flurry will be greatly increased. At the same time, your attack speed will also increase by 45%.

Diablo 4 Combo Points & Inner Sight

You can literally see your attack speed accelerate in real time as you use more and more Flurries, and that attack speed bonus is so good even for bosses. For most encounters, you won’t need your second specialization, Inner Sight. It unlocks at level 20 and is typically seen as the single target DPS specialization.

Since Inner Sight is constantly accumulating charge, you can unleash your abilities in four seconds. You should definitely stick to Inner Sight, as the damage increase from the attack speed bonus is very valuable. If you give up too early, you’ll unlock tons of offensive abilities that you can’t use on the battlefield due to your limited energy.

Agility Skills

The next ability you want for this build is Dash, which gives you two charges. These two charges let you maneuver the battlefield effectively while dealing some damage.

I would definitely buy Diablo 4 Gold to get Enhanced Dash, as that increases Critical Strike Damage for 5 seconds for any enemies damaged by your Dash.

Dark Shroud is going to give you even more damage reduction, up to a maximum of 40%. You gain five charges of this, and each time you’re hit, you lose an 8% damage reduction. Always, before an engagement, make sure Dark Shroud is up for maximum survivability.

Diablo 4 Dark Shroud

Enhanced Dark Shroud gives it a 10% chance so that on a hit, you don’t actually lose a ball and lose the damage resist.

Then Countering Dark Shroud is super nice. Because when you have four or more active Dark Shrouds, you gain a whopping 8% Critical Strike Chance, which is not only going to increase your damage but will activate healing through your passives.

Poison Trap is our last cooldown-based ability, which is great to place down in the middle of a pack of enemies and applies massive damage over time over 9 seconds. And you can strategically place up to four of these on the battlefields at any time.

Enhanced Poison Trap can help you knock down enemies. In fact, there is a bigger advantage of this skill, that is, you will have the opportunity to use Countering Poison Trap. Once you activate the Countering Poison Trap, you’ll have a 30% chance to reset your Imbuement Skills.

Imbuement Skills

The imbuement we’re going to get is Shadow Imbuement. Because Shadow causes explosions, and it’s great for taking out groups of enemies. What Shadow Immunement does is power up your next two attacks with Shadow energy. In this build, that will be your Flurry primarily, but also Dash can be imbued as well.

Diablo 4 Shadow Imbuement

Enhanced Shadow Imbuement gives you even more Critical Strike Chance of warping 15% against Injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement.

Then, Blended Shadow Imbuement makes enemies affected by the initial explosion vulnerable. This, in combination with Enhanced Flurry, you can make whole crowds of enemies vulnerable, and it makes your healing absolutely broken.

Poison Imbuement is better for single-target DPS. But as this is a leveling build, I’d highly recommend Shadow Imbuement. The explosions are insane in the ability to make entire crowds of enemies vulnerable, which then feeds back into your healing even more is absolutely invaluable, especially when leveling up solo. Add in Precision Imbuement for an even more Critical Strike Chance.

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Now, this setup forms the core of the build that should take you to level 30 pretty easily and beyond. There are passives like Trap Mastery innovation in Second Wind, Alchemist’s Fortune, and Momentum, which you’ll want to unlock later on.

The great thing about this build over Twisting Blades is that you unlock the key aspect (Aspect of Encircling Blades) for it in Act 1 at level 15. This aspect is in the same dungeon as the Rogue Quest. It makes Flurry even better as it now hits an entire circle around you, meaning the direction you face is less important.

Diablo 4 Aspect of Encircling Blades

If you infuse that aspect onto a two-handed weapon (such as a bow or crossbow), it increases Flurry damage by 16% instead of just the 8% it mentions.

Remember, the abilities I’m recommending in this build are all based on your one-handed weapons (swords or daggers) but not your bow for damage. So, go to the Occultist as early as possible and infuse the aspect. You won’t need to change your bow very often because it doesn’t impact Flurry damage.