Did you know that 70% of millennials have sex once a week? 36% of millennials have sex multiple times a week.

The more you continue to explore your sexual identity, the more questions you’ll have about sex. If you want the answers to all your sex-related questions you have to check out the guide below. Keep reading to learn more!

1. How to Bring Up Adding Kinks to the Bedroom

Sexual exploration should be welcomed and talked about candidly in every relationship. Kinks and fantasies continue to be taboo and bringing them up can be hard because of a fear of judgment.

The best way to talk about wanting to change things up in the bedroom is to simply be honest. While this might seem too intimidating, vulnerability is key to making a relationship or sexual experience enjoyable.

You can also bring up the idea in a more fun way, leave a flirtatious note for your partner to make the conversation less scary.

2. Your Orgasm Questions Answered

Other common questions related to sex are all about orgasms. Many people want to know why some women find it hard to orgasm. Getting to know another body is a long process and sometimes finding all the pleasure spots is hard, so don’t feel bad if every sexual experience doesn’t end in orgasm.

Another common question revolves around multiple orgasms for women. While not all women can orgasm during sex, multiple orgasms are possible.

3. Let’s Talk About the G-Spot

The mysterious G-spot, is it real? You might have difficulty locating this area during sex but know that not being able to find it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

The G-spot, many people don’t know, is part of the clitoris. The simple way to define it is by saying that the G-spot is the back part of the clitoris, inside the vagina. You can find it by inserting a toy or finger inside the vagina in an upward motion.

4. Everything You Want to Know About Fluids

You might want to ask sex-related questions regarding fluids but have always been too embarrassed. Fluids are a normal part of sex, you shouldn’t have any shame about that.

The important thing to keep in mind is being hygienic, especially if you have multiple sex partners. Make sure to wash your sheets after each sexual activity.

The only time you have to worry about fluids is if they have a different odor than usual or if their color’s changed. Talk to your doctor about these symptoms as soon as possible.

5. Anal vs. Vaginal Sex

Is there a better type of sex? The answer will always depend on personal preference.

Women are expected to prefer vaginal sex but if you find more pleasure in anal play or penetration there’s nothing wrong with that. The anus is a sensitive, erogenous zone but many people wouldn’t know that.

If you’re interested in exploring some anal sex you can start with using a vibrator around the outer area, move on to butt plugs or anal beads if you find these toys and activities pleasurable.

6. Is Size Important?

Other sex-related questions to ask revolve around size. Is size important?

The answer will, as always, depend on each individual or couple. Size can influence the pleasure a partner feels but it can do so in different ways.

Women with larger vaginas might need a larger penis for G-spot stimulation. A shorter vagina might feel discomfort with a larger penis and feel more pleasure from a smaller penis.

It’s important to remember that penetration can still feel great no matter the penis size.

7. How to Talk Dirty

Are you interested in incorporating dirty talk into your sex life but feel shy about doing it? Keep in mind that you’ll struggle with it at the beginning but practice will help you improve.

Practice in front of the mirror if that helps you and talk to your partner about your nerves. They might help build your confidence by saying a few words of encouragement.

8. Can You Use Lube?

What’s the deal with lube? Anything that you bring into the bedroom to enhance the experience for you and your partner is a great thing. Lube can help create more sensitivity and make the sex more pleasurable.

You can also consider using delay spray, a spray that delays ejaculation and helps men last longer. Buy delay spray for men and try it to see how it can increase pleasure for you and your partner.

9. Masturbation Advice

Sex education in school often focused on preventing pregnancy. Discussions about pleasure were limited and are only now becoming more acceptable.

You might be wondering if masturbation is healthy or if it’s possible to do it too much. Self-pleasure is an empowering way to explore sexuality. Getting to know your own body and what you like will make it easier to navigate sex with another person too.

10. Do Porn Preferences Matter?

Watching porn is more common than you might think. Your preferences when it comes to porn are nothing to be ashamed about whether you enjoy watching videos about fetishes or same-sex porn as a straight person.

Whatever turns you on, as long as it’s between consenting adults, is great to explore whether through porn or with a partner.

All Your Sex-Related Questions Answered

This guide has all the answers to your sex-related questions. Whether you’re curious about trying dirty talk or you want to explore with lube and delay sprays, there’s useful information to incorporate into your sex life.

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